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Silas has a trach and wears a passy muir speaking valve when he is awake. He is observed to use vocalozation both to express pleasure and displeasure. He produces the following sounds /m/, /b/, /g/, /p/, /w/, /d/, /k/. He is most ofter observed to produce the /m/, /d/, sounds or open vowels when babbling. Silas is rerely observed to take turns vocalizing or imitate sounds produced by his communication partner. Silas is observed to smile, and laughs out loud. Silas needs to continue to develope speech sounds and learn to imitate sounds and word approximations. Silas has displayed increased interest in exploring toys. He will reach for toys and turn them to explore. He is also starting to imatate gestures with toys. He has been observed o attenpt to "clap" in imation after maximal prompting and cueing. He has been working on "so big", "peek-a-boo", and "pat-a-cake", and sign approximations for "more" and "all done". He will also reach for an adult's hand to request continuation of an activity or interaction. Silas has displayed progress with his social interaction skills. He appears more interested in songs and finger play, and is duratuins and turn the pages, He had=s made progress following simple commands,presented with verbal and visual cueig sich as "give me" or "put in" during play activities.Silas underwnet audiological assessment at the Jamestown hospital Spepember 24,2010. Results indicated the probabability of middle ear abnormality and elevated hearing levels. It was recommended that he be seen by his physician in order to determine if an ENT consult was warranted. It was also ecommended that he be reassessed following medical intervention. It was observed hat he responded beetter on the rite as opposed to the left. At this tomem it is unknown if elevated hearing levels are affecting Silas' spreech and language development. In September,Silas was offered 5 meals per day of 1/4 cup seving of stage 2 baby foods. If he experoenced any coughing or distres, meals were discontinued, Liquids were offered in small amounts therapeutically bit were put on hold per physicaian order on Sept 15 until Silas was seen by Dr Kantak, pediatric allergist/pulmonologist. Following the consuts , and per physical order, small presentations of water resumed on October 18, 2010. Presentations were approximitly 1 ml per drink and werer offered using a small ed cup. Silas also accepted 100% of most meals with no clinical signs of diffcilty. On Octber 21 2010 following a meal of 3 ounces of food he expoerienced reflux of food intens of his trach. Hel slso ecpienrnced an episode of formula (given in g-tube) refluxing out of his trach. On October 29,2010 Silas was placed on NPO status, until futrther medical asesments could be ompleted. Since then, Silas has been reciving hterpudic, Tasted essences diring sprrch therapy and occupatioal therapy sessions. Intiially when silas was changed to NPO status he displayed increased mouththing of his hiands and toys and appeared to be ceeking oral input. Oral stimulation was provined during therapy sessions. Input was provided using a nuk massage brush and giving tasts/flavors on the nuk or ising small cuckers. Intitially, Silas real=dily assepted oral input and tasts however he has begun to display increased oral and facial defensiveness. Implementation of a facial stinulaton program is reccomended with his home area. Orl feeding will resume with if medically approximate.
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