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I am writing today to call for the support towards a new platform called the Platform for Education in Emergencies Response (PEER).

As a volunteer with a nonprofit organization that helps the millions of refugees being displayed by war, I have seen the many forms of humanitarian aid being provided all over the planet. However, this platform is a unique one as its focus is on the higher education of a child refugee. Without resorting to buy a diploma, refugee students can expect to further their studies and increase their hope at resuming a normal student life.

PEER began life as an initiative by the Catalyst Trust for Universal Education. Working hand in hand with the IIE (Institute of International Education) to provide university scholarships, higher learning resources as well as a myriad of assistance for refugee students who do not possess the intention to buy a diploma, and who instead would like to pick up their studies from when they left off.

Founded by the Catalyst Trust for Universal Education, PEER is fast gaining support from various parties all over the world. Former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been deep in discussion with the UN to better understand the emergency needs of 57 million refugee schoolchildren and youths who are on the verge of attending University without the intention to buy a diploma. The ongoing refugee crisis is something these children can do without, and if there is anything to alleviate their condition without exacerbating the situation, this global education platform would be it.

In Syria, for example, it is most disheartening to hear about 150,000 refugee students who have had their progress halted as they begin to enter tertiary education. Amongst these 150,000 how many students would eventually graduate and go on to become esteemed lawyers, doctors and world leaders? Unless we help them achieve their dreams, we may never know. These impressionable students seek not to buy a diploma and instead would want the opportunity to start university life so as to improve their lives better.

And so, I pledge my support to help turn this dream into reality, but surely it would be easier to achieve with your backing of the PEER platform. Please support however you can, your pledge means a lot to these children of refugees.
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