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Books written by Andrew Rothermel inspired by God held in the light of The Holy Bible dear whomever it may concern, this is Andrew

Books written by Andrew Rothermel
inspired by God held in the light of The Holy Bible
dear whomever it may concern,

this is Andrew rothermel author and poet and these are my life teaching and lessons i have learned throughout my entire life and i would like to have these published and sold at any offering or donation capable please there is no set price but i would appreciate at least 15 dollars a book sold . but if that is not posible any amount will do and can also be downloaded partly for free on amazon and itunes and fully for 10 dollars wented for 1-5 dollars depending on the amount of time thank you i love and appreciate your thoughts and will appreciate it if you would proof read edit and decide whether or not you can or wont publish my books thank you i would like them to be copyrighted in my name and information on how to do that please on my death day i would like one copy of my first book to go to every couple in the world if possible if not only the US and if not only the US
Andrew Rothermel
1Rose By Andrew Rothermel
- rose is grown and pruned by a Boy because his family died forevermore falls in love forever with a beautiful wife and never stops believing in her and God Blessing him with her among many other things.
2Rose is found! by Andrew R.
- it is found under a tree
3Journey from a Kid, to Boyhood, to Young Adulthood, to Manhood, and then To Heaven
- journeey to becoming a man and its daily struggles to be a steward and a leader for your life and your wifes, yourself, and your family
4Rose Is Given to Daughter
- daughters birth and beginning of life
5Rose is Given at my Daughter’s Wedding
- daughters wedding
6Weeping Willow Tree and a Rose
- and a rose
7weeping willow tree
- tree of life and overflowing rivers of life and prosperity for fellow believers through your prayers
8weeping willow tree made into a rose
- rose
9wwtmito the five people you meet in heaven
- five people you live with or dont know right now that you will meet that were saved and sent to heaven because of you because you never stopped believeing doubting proving and praying for them and God
10wwtimt into a bible
- bible proofs that it was truly inspired and not just another book
11wwt made into my journal
husbands journal as a boy
12wwt made into my wifes journal
- wifes journal
13wwt made into my daughters tree diary
- daughters diary
14wwt planted in heaven for my wife and i’s entire family story
story of life liberty and the proof of righteousness in Christ
15wwt sent to burn in hell for 1 minute to see why we shoul give everything to stop people that try to disprove him into a life saving relationship with him
- hell
16wwt sent back to heaven
- journey to heaven
17wwt watches over us
- heaven and angels
18wwt turned into the magnificent and very sad cross
- the cross
19wwt brought back to life
- jesus dying on the tree on calvary for s being true
20wwt llives on inside of us as the holy ghost/spirit (either word is interchangeable with the other not sure which one is right
- the first church
21extremely loud and extremely - about a man chasing after something that will be opened by a ey when he finds that it was his new home in the first place
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