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Hello my name is Tiffani. Here are the events of my life.

I am 35 weeks pregnant. I have severe issues and can not currently work. I was planning to work until a week before I was due but had serious health issues so I had to stop in January. So the money I had saved went to bills for Feb. And March. I have a few dollars left but not much. I didn't have a shower my family is not close. I have a 5 year old and a one year old all ready. We recently discovered we had mice from the connecting units. There were feces and urine stains everywhere. We had to get new carpet and everything. Am due April 22. I said I wasn't going to do six weeks recovery. So we just need money to get by for now. We had to throw out many items that became destroyed due to urine goul smell and not coming out throw washing.
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