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Family and friends are uniting in raising money to help with transporting Darwin Gomez by airlift back to his hometown of Indiana.

Help Darwin G.!!!  Imagine receiving a call from Boston, Massachusetts telling you that you have to fly out from Indiana because your husband is in the Intensive Care Unit due to having a severe Asthma Attack due to a Lung Infection caused by a severe Pneumonia.  On Sunday, December 4, 2011 he was suppose to arrive to Indiana after his trip to Boston which was to enjoy a church conference but that didn't happen.  Here I am wondering how to get my husband back home.  We have no health insurance to pay for his airlift transport or funds.  The airlift transport is needed in order to safely travel back with him to Indiana in which he can be taken care of by his Doctor and Specialist.  He will need to be in a critical care facility but I would love for it to be near home for his family and friends to be able to visit and care for him.  I also, have a 9-year-old daughter that would love to have her daddy near.  I'm glad his Aunt stayed by his side and didn't return to Chicago.  She's been accompanying me through it all.

From birth to now he has been struggling and fighting to continue living.  He was born on June 11, 1980 with many complications in his chest 1) his lungs were not developed, 2) his chest needed immediate surgery and repair in which he has pectus excavatum still, 3) he was diagnosed with Chronic Bronchial Pulmonary Dysplasia, and I could go on with the health conditions.  Last year during the Fall he was admitted in intensive care due to having a pneumonia.  Since then he was placed on disability through work.  Darwin was a hard worker who loved working as a retail rep selling sell phone, he has awards for meeting the quotas, and he was great at his job.  Due to his illness getting worse he can no longer work.  

But no matter what he is a strong person and a strong believer that God has something coming his way, that God is going to heal him in a major way and no Doctor, Nurse, or Specialist is going to believe it.  Darwin has a strong will to live and fight for his health with avid first.  I am a proud wife and our daughter is proud of him as well.

Currently I am here in the Newton-Wesley Hospital in Newton, MA.  I haven't left his side since I got here December 6, 2011.  I've only stepped out twice to shower.  But I have no transportation, no home to go too, nothing around the hospital to distract my mind and thank God a good family has been letting his aunt and I shower at their home, eat, and sleep when needed.  I rather sleep in the hospital to be by his side and near to be available for any changes.  I married him and no matter what I'm here for his through thick and thin, through sickness and health.  I love him dearly and this is why I'm asking for help so he can travel back home safely the facility of the care and professionals he needs.  This is how much I'm being asked to pay out of pocket but the social worker said it could be more depending on his need:  ‎*Air Ambulance:
We offer Bedside-to-Bedside care that is given by a Critical Care medical team. The aircraft is medically configured as an Intensive Care Unit. Therefore, it has equipment on board which enables the medical team to administer medication as needed in the event of a medical emergency or for comfort and pain control as the situation warrants. 
The following quote includes all fees for an air ambulance transport; landing fees, ramp fees, medical equipment, and ground transportation to and from the airport.
Estimated Quote*
From: Boston, Massachussetts
To: Hobart, Indiana
Aircraft: Lear 35 or Similar
Medical Crew: Critical Care Flight Nurse and Critical Care Flight Paramedic
Estimated Flight Time: 2 Hour & 18 Minutes
Passengers: 1-2 (in addition to the patient)
Baggage: 1-2 Small carry-on bags
Quote: $17640.00

Please help us in any way possible, even with a $1.  I will appreciate any help or support.  I have faith in God and I know doors will soon open to transport my husband back home safely to his family.  I really I want to end the year close to home with both my husband and daughter who misses us both dearly.  Darwin's family and friends are also praying for his safe return.  Thank you, for taking the time to read this and in helping us achieve our goal.  Please feel free to spread the word.  Thank you.

As of 12/31/2011, my husband has been recovering and made major improvements although he is still on a ventilator the rehab center is working with him to wean him off the ventilator. He is currently in Spaulding Rehabiliation Center working on weaning off the ventilator and receiving physical therapy to begin walking and the movement of his arms again. We still need you help in bringing him back to Indiana. By bringing him out here he can continue to receive the therapy in an LTAC closer to home. My daughter cries everyday because she wants her daddy home and she really misses him. The transportation alone is what is holding him out there in Cambridge, Massachusetts because we cannot afford a $20,000 fee in transportation services. He needs to be either transported through an air ambulance or a ground ambulance but with specialists and so on that will be able to care for him on the ride to prevent any other complications. Please help us in getting him the transportation needed to get him closer home. Thank you, everyone.
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