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I was adopted at birth and have found my biological family and wish to have enough money to be able to travel to be able to meet my siblings

I was adopted when I was three days old. It was a private adoption in 1973. My adopted Mother had mistakingly seen the wrong paperwork with my 16 year old birth mother's name on the form. She held that name in her memory for over 20 years and eventually told me her name. I was able to track her through her high school in the same city as myself but she married with a very common name and my search ended there. Several years later, curiosity struck me again and I did a high school search on facebook and found her there. I sent her a email asking her if she was my birth mother. Soon i was getting friend requests from all sorts of other family members, but not from my birth mother. When she finally got over the shock, she contacted me and we were able to meet. She married my birth father 11 months after I was born and stayed married to him for 36 years until he passed in 2010. They had 4 more children who are my full blood brother and sisters. I have not been able to meet my siblings because they live in Georgia and I am in Nebraska. I don't have enough money to fly my family to meet them and I feel so sad that I can't meet them. My Birth Mother and Birth Father have always wanted to find me, they felt forced into giving me up for adoption and regretted doing so. I don't regret my life, I am just curious how things might have been if they had not given me up for adoption. My siblings have known about me their entire lives. It's like i was a part of the family and grew up not knowing. They have all tried at some point to find me but were unsuccessful. I was raised as an only child and always wished for siblings to live with. I want to so bad to be able to go down there and spend a week with them to get to know them and their children and hear more stories about my history. I miss them and I have never met them. My adopted family has all moved away from me too, so I don't have hardly any family where I am and pray that I could have the means to be able to meet my siblings, I have always felt like the big sister growing up, that's how I had always treated my friends. It's amazing how much similiarity I have with my biological family and I wish to pursue a relationship with them. It's just hard to have a relationship with someone whom you have never met.
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