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I am Trenton and I am trying to save my GayGay's Life by raising money for Treatment, and Medicine. Please Help Her!GOD BLESS

TO ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE IN THIS WORLD, I KNOW THAT LIFE IS TOUGH RIGHT NOW, AND THAT EVERYONE NEEDS EVERY PENNY TO SUPPORT THEIR FAMILY SO I AM NOT ASKING FOR YOU TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR OWN, BUT IF YOU HAVE A DOLLAR, OR 5, OR 10 OR WHATEVER YOU CAN SPARE MY HEART WOULD BE MORE THANKFUL THEN I COULD EVER EXPLAIN. I HAVE SET UP THINGS AS SCHOOL TO HELP MY GAYGAY (THAT IS WHAT I CALL HER). Here is a little about her, her name is Rebecca and was diagnosised with Throat cancer which is a very bad cancer as most would know if you see the new cancer commercial's where the people have big wholes in their necks. She went through 6 surgery's 19 year's ago so she could raise my mom and be here to see me and my little sister come into the world. WEll now i am 17 and my gaygay found in January that she has STAGE 4 Throat/ Esphogus cancer which the tumor is wrapping around the main artery so surgery is inoperatable it would bleed her out, and the chemo is so expensive and then almost killed her because the side effects were too harsh. About 2 months after the chemo was too hard on her body the hospital here in Shreveport gave up on her and just was like we can keep you comfortable to die. I WILL NOT GIVE UP AND LET MY GAYGAY DIE, this is where i need Help from all you Big Hearted PEOPLE. WE found a hospital the Cancer Center of America in another state that is willing to give her the Chemo, and Radiation she needs to survive but because her husband could No longer work due to my gaygay having a whole in her throat she needs it cleaned out daily, she has a feeding tube and is not eating anything from her mouth because of no taste and being sick to stomach. My mom was just diagnosised needing Brain Surgery and she needs her mom here but has no support because she can't have her mom here when she is fighting to stay alive too. My family got hit with very Hard things, and My mom is disabled and can't work to help money wise and my gaygay's medicine is over 800.00 a month with NO income coming in, she NEEDS THIS HELP PLEASE!! I Promise you would be giving to a loving person, that gives to everyone and is always the first to help other's!! She has no Money coming in at all and if we don't help her soon she will not only leaver her husband nothing if she passes away but the stress of no money to help her with medicine's or pay her mortage or get to a Hospital since all she has is medicare and in other states the Cancer Center wont take it as a primary and no ONE give insurance to a high risk patient. Please, Dig deep, and anything would be worth Helping to keep her alive and get her the Medicine's and Treatment, if this was your grandma, or mom would you do this? I looked and tried a lot to raise money and this looks like the best thing that I can trust and make sure the donor's can trust !! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! Trenton I am her grandson, her grand daugher Kursten
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