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Please help this father, decorated vet, Cub Scout leader and leader in the community get an attorney to fight for his children in court.


My name is Jack Walker and I want  to help a good guy who I have known since I was pretty young. He was the Cubmaster for my troop for many years and has always been real active in the community and with his boys. My mom and he started dating after his wife filed for divorce and he moved in with us last fall (2011).  At first it was uncomfortable for me to switch from friendly authority figure to housemate, but soon he became a vital part of our household.  We began having visitation with his two sons every other weekend and I have come to look at them kind of like little brothers.  They seem happy here and have said they want to live here where it is quiet and they feel safe.

Now I am afraid that we will not be able to see them again until they are grown because their mother told them that she intends to bring them to Germany to live because she also has citizenship there and her father has property, family and money there. Bill is sick with worry because that is exactly what was done with their mother when she was a child, and the boys, especially the oldest is scared that this will happen to them too. Their mom has told them that this is what she is going to do and keeps pushing the court to have him put in jail because he is not able to pay the support order (he lost his high paying job and has not found another one yet). The boys do not want to live in Germany and Bill wants to fight for them in court, but since his original attorney bailed on him when he was laid off of his job, things have gone totally downhill, and because he cannot get the court order changed, he’s even too poor to get a modest means attorney.  Sounds crazy, but it’s true.  These kids do not belong in another country and do not want to go, yet it looks like without some help, this just might happen because without an attorney Bill has not been able to get a fair hearing in court or even allowed to defend himself.

Bill moved in with us because when he got laid off his attorney withdrew because he wanted more money, even though Bill hired him at a flat fee, and he called him the night before court.  I didn’t know that an attorney could do that without ever going to court but that’s what he did, and I think that’s where the trouble started.  Bill was a great scout leader, but the legal stuff is so complicated and without having an attorney it seems like every time he goes to court things get worse and worse. 

Bill was not good at expressing himself, my mom said it might be from the PTSD and the medications he was on at the time, but I know that if he had a GOOD attorney, all this trouble would not have happened.  It seems like without an attorney the court doesn’t even care about the truth and even when lies were being told (I know that for a fact because I was there) and my mom tried to tell the court the truth, she was not allowed to speak because she is not his attorney.  He wants and needs to get the custody changed to keep his kids in this country and so that if she does take the boys and try to hide with them in Germany, he has a legal right to bring them back. 

Bill is trying to do this on his own but so far all it has gotten him is two times in jail for contempt of court and the court denying him every time he tries to have a hearing, all because he could not afford another attorney after the first one bailed.  He even tried to get an attorney that helps people who don’t have the money, but he is even too poor to get one of those. He has tried everywhere but so far have not found anyone willing to help him. This is so scary for all of us and has wrecked every plan that we try to make for a better life. I wish there was something I could do but what he really needs is an attorney. 

These boys need their father and I can’t imagine how hard it will be for them to be forced away from their father and their country.  I know they cry about it and I feel so helpless, but I am only in high school.  I can't imagine how scared they must be or what it would be like for them in a foreign country or to be without their dad.

Not having an attorney has cost him just about everything and my mom too. He keeps getting thrown in jail  because the court ordered his support on what he used to make, not what he makes now, it has cost him to lose the start up of a business and the startup money my mom invested because they wanted to have something more to give us boys and the community, it has cost my family the much needed money the business could have brought in if he wasnt thrown in jail because he could not find a job to earn what the court ordered him to pay, he is about to lose his truck for the business because he cannot make the payments, so it looks like the business won't be happening, the truck he begged to get financing on to that he could try to earn the money that the court ordered and have something to leave his sons, but three days after signing for the truck threw him in jail, charged him to be there out of his money from Wal-Mart (the first job he was offered) causing him to be further behind, and if things keep going like they are, it will cost him his sons as well.  Noone should lose so much just because they cannot afford an attorney.

This man and his son really need your help.  I offered to get a job to help him out, but my mom says I need to worry about being in school and getting good grades so that I have a future. She told me to put my anger into action, so I started this fundraiser. 

Please help this father and community leader fight to get joint custody and to keep his kids in this country.  This is a man who volunteered to go to Viet Nam because he believed in our country and what it stood for (justice for all) who cannot get justice in this court system without an attorney.  Every petition he has filed has been denied so far without even giving him a hearing.  Please, please, help this man and his boys.  Show him that someone in this country cares about him and the boys getting a fair hearing. 

*I just wanted to add that if there is any money left after court, it will be used to help someone else who is in the same situation.  It just doesn’t seem fair that you cannot get a fair trial unless you are a criminal.  There is no help out there for fathers who are poor or who have been financially strapped because of a lost job or because they have health problems and it seems senseless for the courts to make them even poorer and further behind by putting them in jail and taking even more money from them because they cannot meet the orders that the court knew they couldn’t meet when they made them.  It makes no sense to me and maybe some day I can change things.  Right now I can only ask for the kindness of strangers. There has been no justice in this at all and it just keeps getting worse.  It makes me wonder how many other guys have been abused by the courts and I’d like to find a way to help.  If you have any ideas, please let me know. 




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