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Tommy's cousins Andy & Adam have set up this fundraiser to help raise money for his 2nd time having cancer.

Thomas Sanchez or "Tommy" as we all call him is an avid athlete, he loves spending time with his family. Four years ago when Tommy was a senior in High School he developed a cough that would not go away. After seeing a Doctor and after several tests we all found out that he was diagnosed with germ cell cancer, he was only 17 years old.

It caught him off guard, it caught all of us off guard but he refused to give up, he was a fighter. After several sessions of chemo and radiation and a major surgery, the wonderful surgeons removed a tumor the size of a basketball weighing 10 lbs from his chest. Other than winning his battle with cancer, the one thing he wanted, was for him to be able to walk across the stage along with his friends and receive his High School diploma.
Battling the cancer made him lose 70 lbs. and thankfully the rainbow came after the storm, he lived. He has a second chance at life and he embraced it fully. He finally graduated and walked across that stage along with his friends to receive his High School diploma.
Things could not get any better for him, he was able to have a normal life again, no more long hospital stays, no more needles. He was finally able to start College.

Or so we thought.........

This past summer Tommy started having back problems, sometimes he had trouble getting out of bed, it would even hurt for him to walk. He saw a Doctor and he thought maybe he threw out his back because he was always working out and playing sports so he prescribed him pain medication.
This September, on his 22nd birthday, Tommy could not take the pain any longer. The medicine was not helping the pain, so he was rushed to the hospital.

After several more tests (biopsy) we found out that he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Sarcoma cancer.

The Doctors found 8 tumors total. He has 5 tumors running down his spine, 1 on the sacrum, and 2 on his liver. Tommy was unable to move for he was in excruciating pain. One tumor was pushing against one of his major back nerves that can cause paralysis. At one point he couldn't feel his left leg. Doctors decided that he was to have surgery on his back immediately. Luckily the surgery removed the most effective tumor from his spine.

Currently he is in healing, he will soon start his sessions with radiation and chemotherapy. Doctors hope that this will remove the remaining tumors. His father recently lost his job and his mother is on an unpaid leave to be at Tommy's side in the hospital. They are still paying medical expenses from the first time he had cancer and now to pay for another set of medical expenses will be difficult for Tommy's parents to pay.

We come here to ask for your help. If you would like to help, PLEASE make a contribution or donation. It would be most helpful for Tommy and his family. If you are unable to help by making a donation, please PRAY for him and any words of encouragement to lift his spirits up will help as well. Thank you so much for your help.
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