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Our goal is to help with some of the finances involved with gas, oil changes, food, phone, electric, and everyday needs for the family.

On June 2, 2011 at 5:23am Jaxon Travis Brown was born 16 weeks premature; weighing 1lb 8oz. His mother, Danielle, went in to natural labor at 23 weeks due to complications during her pregnancy (which caused blood clots inside the placenta) and so the placenta did not attach properly to the walls of her uterus.

2 weeks after birth they transferred Jaxon to Richmond, Virginia (an hour south of where they live) because Jaxon require special ventilation to help him breath. Jaxon was so early that his skin was not completely formed.

When he was about a month old Jaxon became very sick and his body started to shut down was then diagnosed with necrotizing entrocolitis (meaning dead intestinal tissue) so at 1 month old Jaxon had his first serious surgery where doctors put tubes in his abdomen to drain the toxic fluids and also had a central line put in which give him his nutrients.

When he was 2 months old the doctors went in and removed the dead tissue which ended up being 90% of his small intestine, and 1/3 of his colon.

Finally, November of 2011 Jaxon was sent home to be with his mother, father, and sister. Unforunately it was short lived, and he was back in the hospital for Christmas.

March of 2012 Jaxon had his intestines reconnected, and had a g-tube and a mickey button put in so that Danielle can feed jaxon directly to the stomach, Jaxon does not eat food by mouth. Due to Jaxon's early birth he also has Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) which a chronic lung condition.

Jaxon is now just over a year old and his battle is far from over. The medicines and nutrients they give Jaxon, to help him stay well, are also very harsh on the liver. Now, because of the amount of time he has been on the medicines he will need a multiple organ transplant; including liver, pancreas, and bowel. Jaxon is officially on the transplant list at Georgetown University Hospital.

Since Jaxon was born he has had between 8-10 surgerys, and more than 15 blood transfusions. Luckily a lot of Jaxon's medical costs are covered by medicaid. However, the amount of care that Jaxon requires makes it nearly impossible for Danielle to work and with the amount of time Jaxon spends in and out of hospital Danielle has to drive to Georgetown several times a week about an hour to two hour drive one way, and cannot stay with Jaxon because she also has her 4 year old daughter to take care of at home.

She spends on average $150-200 a week in gas and with her inability to work other bills go unpaid. She has to maintain car insurance, and her phone bill (so she can keep in contact with the hospital). She also has utility bills at home. With her increase in miles she has to get oil changes more often than usual.

Please show some support with anything you can afford. Danielle is grateful with anything you can donate. Please keep Jaxon in your prayers and God bless!
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