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The friends of Laura Stewart Wood are uniting to help raise money for expenses during her battle against breast cancer. PLEASE HELP!


I hope you all read this and have an open heart to help this wonderful lady. Her name is Laura Stewart Wood. I first met Laura many years ago when she was a waitress for my best friend Sherry and myself at the IHOP in Belleville, Il. Since then, she has become a very dear friend with a wonderful heart.
When Laura was thirteen years old she was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease (cancer of the lymph nodes). She went through 12 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation. She was in remission at 15, but was told that she was at a high risk to have cancer develop again.
She was also told she only had a 5 % chance of having children. Happily, she was blessed with 3 wonderful boys. In June of 2010, her nightmare came true, only this time it was her husband Tony, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer. His left testicle was removed on June 17 of that year, but unfortunately the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in his lower back. He had 9 weeks of chemotherapy and then started developing pain and burning in his lower left leg and foot. In October of the same year, he had to have his lower left leg amputated due to blood clots. That was followed by another surgery where they took out 20 lymph nodes, of which 6 were malignant. Because of all the complications that Tony has encountered, Laura has been the strength and financial support of the family. Tony was fitted with a prosthetic leg, which raised their hopes that he might be able to return to gainful employment, but he has not been able to adapt himself to using it. As of now, he has just received his third prosthetic leg. Hopefully this one will be successful.
About 3 months ago, Laura found a lump in her left breast. She went to the doctor and he ordered a mammogram and ultra sound of her left breast. The doctor suspected from the results of the mammogram and ultrasound that she did have breast cancer. The following week she had an appointment with a surgeon. He confirmed the diagnosis after reviewing her test results and examining the lump.
The surgeon informed her that there are two types of ductal breast cancer. The first type is invasive ( which means it spreads) and the second type is in-situ ( this doesn't spread). Laura has both types in her body. After talking to the doctor, he told her that it would best to have the left breast removed. A biopsy also needed to be performed to determine if the cancer cells had matasticized.
The plan is that on the day of the surgery, the doctor will remove the main lymph node from under her arm and send it to the lab. At that time, he will also remove the left breast and any surrounding tissue that appears to be affected. Before he has finished with surgery, the lab will call the O.R. to let him know if or how much cancer is present. If the lymph node is filled with cancer the doctor will remove the rest of her lymph nodes. After surgery she will meet with the oncologist. Chemotherapy is definitely in her future, but she's not sure how much or how long it will last.
Tony has not been able to acquire disability yet, so Laura still remains the primary supporter of her family. Laura, who is still working as a waitress at IHOP in O'Fallon, Il., does not know how much treatment or time off work she may need, but one thing for sure is that she and her family will need help. PLEASE GIVE!

These are Laura's words:

"You need to know, I am a fighter and a hard worker. I love my boys and husband with every part of my being. I'm not scared of the path God has put in front of me as far as my health.What I am scared of is not being able to provide for my family.I know I will be off work for at least 3 weeks after surgery. I don't know how long I will be on chemotherapy. I'm worried about my boys. I hate to have them watch me go through the same thing as their father. Cancer is a hard thing for adults to deal with, and may be even harder for children."
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