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Scruffy needs your help! please show your support for this lil guy!

Scruffy is a 6-8 month old male Shih Tzu - Terrier mix. I got aquainted with this little guy about 6 months ago when he wandered into my yard one day looking for food. I felt sorry for him and because ive always loved and cared for animals i couldnt turn my back on him, so i gave him something to eat. Ever since then he has come back to my house every day waiting for me at the front door. He didnt have any tags on him, so i figured he was a stray so i decided i'd take him but would let him remain outside in case he did have a home. I then noticed he began sleeping under my bedroom window every night, so it became obvious to me that he wanted to be here, yet i still let him stay outside.

However, this past saturday (7/3/11) i was heading out at about 8:30pm, and i noticed he wasnt there to greet me like he usually was. I didnt think much of it though since he'd usually roam around during the day. I sat and waited for a few minutes calling his name when i heard something near the bushes. I turned to see what it was and there he was crying and wimpering trying to walk over to me. He was limping badly and could hardly walk a few steps without falling over. I quickly ran over to him, and saw that one of his hind legs had long claw-like marks on it that had recently scabbed over, his other leg was just dangling there close to his side, his underside near the testes was all swollen and had a reddish purple color to it, and he also had small puncture wounds on his hind quarters. My heart sank, panick set in and i didnt know what to do, i thought maybe he was attacked by a larger dog or something, so i quickly picked him up and brought him inside. I then tried calling numerous vets but couldnt get a hold of anybody (on the emergency line as well) since it was 4th of July weekend. My partner came home from work later that night and took a look at him, she told me he wasnt attacked and that he'd been run over because his injuries were similar to that of a dog she used to have that had got ran over. My heart just sank, knowing how much pain he must be in right now, not knowing what to do for him and not being able to take him to a vet until tuesday. I kept my eye on him and took care of him the best i could, and keeping him as comfortable as i could for those couple of days.

Tuesday (7/5/11) finally came around, my partner and i got up bright and early to take him to the vet. I noticed the swelling had gone down some and the reddish purple color was starting to fade which was good. The vet gave him a quick physical exam, felt around his hind legs and said that its possible he just has a dislocation on the leg that was dangling. She then took him in the back for xrays, and needless to say she didnt have very good news for us. Turns out, one of his legs has a fracture to it and the worse of the two is actually dislocated from his hip :( my heart sank again. She told us that the leg with the fracture would probably heal on its own but the other one may need surgery and would cost around $2,000. There is just no way i can afford it, and i have tried applying for assistance but get denied every time. The vet prescribed him some meds for swelling, pain and infection and said to take him home and immobilize him for 3 weeks so that the fracture could heal and possibly his other leg. she also mentioned putting him down, i couldnt believe that, i almost burst into tears right there. ive gotten so attached to him and hes gotten attached to me, every time i look into his eyes it just breaks my heart, hes just a baby. I love this lil guy alot, and hes been a great companion to me and i just want to help him the best that i can so he can get better. If anyone out there would be willing to help him, even the smallest donation would be greatly appreciated. Please help this lil guy out, i dont want to see him suffer anymore. He will love you for it! Thank you very much for your time, God bless.
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