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We are raising money to help save a life! Help donate for Ashley Ratcliff age 24 with a 2 yr old girl and 3 yr old boy. She has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and is in need of treatment and surgery. Without funding or insurance she needs help!

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Ashley' s Story

            I have been diagnose with ovarian cancer. Without insurance and funding, my time on this earth will be cut short. Surgery was estimated at $133,856! There is no way I can afford that! I dont want to die, I at least want a chance! Im only 24, Ive got 2 beautiful kids, ages 2 and 3. Also I have a loving husband who needs me. If any one can help by donating any thing!!! any amount will help!!Even $10 would help pay for medications at least! I have 13, of them.. I hate asking for money from anyone for any reason, but this is my last resort! I have tried government funded facilities. Medicaide, Social Services, Experimental Treatment(which I think made me sicker) And Self pay to oncologist. Which they ended up sucking me dry and leaving me no better off than I was before, except then I had money. I have been terminated from every insurance company I have ever been on. And cannot afford the good ones for pre-existing conditions. I am in pain everyday and thankful for the days I have had where im not sick. Some days are better than others, but this is no way to live. I am only 24, I shouldn't be feeling like this. I have so much I have wanted to do and try and wont be able to if I die. My pride has stopped me from asking for help, but everyone has their breaking point. Where desperation of wanting to stay alive has kicked in. I need your help, I wont be able to make it without it. I have tried what I can and my resources have ran dry. Dont leave my children motherless and my husband without a wife. He has been my rock, my savier. I know he feels guilty like its his fault I havent been getting treatment. but I dont blame him at all. I am thankful of what he has been able to do, and him just being there physically for me is good enough. Hes there when Im in pain, puking my brains out and in a horrible mood, he has stuck with me through thick and thin for sure! And im thankful to of gotten to experience what its like to be a mom and wife. But Im not ready to go. I want a fighting chance to beat this! If I get the surgery followed by chemotherapy, then my success rate should be 81%. But that's soon. The longer I go without, the more likely that it will spread and it wont be as easy to get rid of. Then my success rate will drop dramatically. Please if you cannot help, and know someone who can, give them my information! In your time of need wouldn't you want someone there to help you? It will be paid forward. Its called karma. And I believe you do good and good things happen to you, and that god gives you only what you can handle. So, If I couldn't beat this I wouldn't of gotten it. Its a test of my strength and I think I have done well so far. But I dont know how much more I can take. Please consider helping donate. Thank you soo much for your help and support. You dont know how much this means to me and my family! My kids will have a mom to grow up with and my husband will have a wife to take care of him. Ha ha, hed starve without me. lol. Not really funny but, the man, love him to death but he cannot cook! He tries though.thats all that matters!
---Also, from the generosity of Pro-To-Call Painting and Pressure Washing Company, they have offered to donate a pimped out golf cart with cd player,lights underneath and custom paint to your liking. for a raffle for those who donate. The estimated value of the cart is $1,500. This can be yours if you help me! In order to receive a chance to win you must donate at least $5.00. For local donators also receive the chance to win $500.00 of home improvement services from Pro-To-Call Painting and Pressure Washing Co.(540-357-1054 or 540-951-1217)(Materials Not Included) Choose from any of their Class 'A" full service painting and pressure washing company( Email, to
with the copy of donation ticket,contact information including phone for winning contact. Thanks soo much for your support and donations!

-Ashley,Derrick,Madison(age2)Eric(age3) Ratcliff

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