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Sick rescue dog needs costly diagnostic tests. She is having trouble breathing and can no longer enjoy walks or playtime. Help us help her!

Thank you for taking the time to read about the fundraising efforts underway for a very special rescue dog named Laney. Your generosity will help us offset ongoing costs associated with diagnostic tests and medications needed to find the cause of her breathing difficulties. Laney’s vets have called her a ‘mystery case,’ one that we would all very much like to solve. Your donation, in any amount, will help make this a reality.

Laney’s story:

I have struggled with chronic health issues since I was 12 (I am now 25) and was recently diagnosed with an incurable chronic pain condition that has significantly reduced my quality of life. Upon the suggestion of a family member, we decided to look into adding a ‘therapy dog’ to our household. Having done a lot of research on the benefits of animal companions on those who suffer from chronic pain conditions, I was very excited about adding a furry friend to our family. I visited a local rescue organization last fall and fell in love with a beautiful dog named Laney. To this day, I am unsure who rescued whom! Though she does not have to control light switches or guide me across the street like many assistance dogs are required to do, she dutifully and gently encourages me out of bed each morning, even when I am in so much pain I can barely move. On my ‘bad days,’ she stays faithfully by my side and ensures I am never alone. Her presence lifts my spirits and helps me get through each day. She has cared for me more than I ever realized a dog could care for a person. Now, I am trying to do the same for her; I cannot imagine life without my ‘therapy dog’ and best friend.

Earlier this year, Laney began lagging behind us on walks. At just a year old, this Australian Shepherd/Greyhound mix of ours had never lagged behind a day in her life; we knew something wasn’t right, but assumed it would be a ‘quick fix.’ Unfortunately, this was not the case. 5 months has gone by and our little girl still cannot walk around the neighborhood, pal around with her canine buddies or participate in a game of fetch. Her days of running around in the park have been traded for days lying around the house, unable to exercise at all or enjoy life. She is unable to tell me exactly what is wrong, but her eyes speak volumes; she is depressed and miserable. We are working tirelessly to narrow down the cause of her issues and want to continue to do so until we have a diagnosis, but our funds are growing very limited.

I have now almost entirely depleted the contents of my banking account trying to get Laney the care she needs. I have a significant amount of academic debt and am currently unemployed, as is Laney’s ‘Dad’; we are struggling to make ends meet, but refuse to give up on our dog. I start working part-time at the end of this month, but my new job will not provide enough income for me to put food on the table and afford the ongoing medical tests Laney needs. Each diagnostic test she receives rules out another condition and points her doctors in the right direction, but this cannot happen without the funds to pay for them. If everyone we know donates just $5-10, we could afford to get Laney the tests and treatment she so desperately needs. We are hoping from help and support from animal lovers like you to help us help her.

Thank you very much,
Erin, Greg and Laney
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