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Raising money to help with fees & closing costs to buy a home for our special need daughters.

We are raising money for our retainer fee, closing costs & fees on our new home. Here is a little background about our family.

I'm soon to be 25, my husband is soon to be 24. We have two precious little girs, P is 19 months & M is 4 months. Both have special needs. I had difficult pregnancies with both girls, requiring hospital bedrest/home bedrest/3x weekly appointments/blood thinner injections daily. P had a stroke in-utero (before birth) and has mild cerebral palsy. She also has some other complicated medical conditions (urinary retention, speech delay, scoliosis, sacral lipoma, and we are awaiting an MRI to rule out tethered cord. She has been through so much in her short life & we are trying to give her a home that she can thrive in.

Our youngest daughter, M, was born 5 weeks early due to pre-term labor, low fluid & IUGR. She has been just as much of a fighter (if not more!) than P. She is still doing very minimal but, that's to be expected since she was early. She is currently being worked up for an immune disorder, which causes her to vomit and run a fever on a weekly to bi weekly basis (elevated lymphocytes & low neutrophils). She has been in the hospital 4-5 times in her few short months of life & had multiple outpatient blood work.

We are very lucky to have both of our girls (Dont' worry, we are done making babies, by the way) however, they both require lots of special attention (and money!).

Our dwelling now is a home built in the 1930's with asbestos shingles, a tin roof & lead based paint. It's not cost effective (or allowed) to really fix a lot of these things. I am worried that the age of the home may be attributing to M's immune problem and P is sick on a monthly basis, as well. We have been approved for a USDA loan & found the house of our dreams (For just under 70k!!!) It's a 2 bedroom one bathroom rambler, 864 square feet (we don't need anything huge, just a home for our girls).

We just need some help with the extra costs. We did a $500 retainer & we need $275 for the inspection & then some closing costs (we did ask seller to pay 3%). Closing is set for July 29th.

We are asking for help because due to the health of both children, I am unable to work full-time right now, so we are living on one income. My husband is a fuel truck driver & while he makes 'ok' money, we all know supporting a family of 4 on one persons income is not easy, especially when the children have medical bills.

If you can help us in anyway please donate, every $1 helps! If you know someone who may sympathize with our situation we would also greatly appreciate it.

UPDATE: 6/26
Seller could not afford any fees, so we have to fund the following:

Good Faith Payment thing $500
Home inspection: $275
Termite/Well/Septic $275
Bacteria/Lead in Well apr $100
Appraisal $350-400

Sigh. Plus we need to get title & homeowners insurance, and also we will have to pay our mortgage when it comes. We sold one of our vehicles for $700, so that will help!
If we get ratified tomorrow we have to pay the $500 and do the home inspection within 7 days.
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