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Need to bring our grand daughter home she needs to get to know her father he is her only living parent ♥ We need 4000 more for a new lawyer

My daughter and son came to live with me and my wife shortly after my daughter was brutally raped while living on the beach in Hawaii with their mother. They never attended school,or lived in a house, while with her. After the rape the children came to live with my wife and I and we put the children through school and caught up on their shots, as they had never got their shots while with their mother. My daughter got pregnant while attending high school and and actually pushed harder and graduated early. She had a little girl and had some problems raising her and getting her feet on the ground. So she asked my wife and I if we could take care of her little girl till she was in a better situation. But that time never came. One night she was driving to a friends house and a drunk driver struck her car which caused her to be ejected from the vehicle and she was killed. My wife and I raised my daughters little girl for an additional two years with the consent of my granddaughters father. We were even starting proceedings to adopt my granddaughter. Then the lady that was going to have her children removed by CPS petitioned the court to get me removed as guardian. She got someone who had never been in our house testify that they were, and we had feces on the floor,and that our granddaughter was gaunt, and that she had cigarette burns on her body, and that I was smoking marijuana with minors. Another person that testified for her was my step sister, whom we refused to have around our house because an addiction to methamphetamine, and an attempted suicide she tried to commit while living with my deceased daughter. My wife and I had several witnesses lined up including my son whom lived with both my wife and I and the lady that was taking us to court to take our granddaughter. Our attorneys advised us that the father was on our side so anything else presented in court was a waist of the courts time and would only upset the judge. So we went to court with the father and lost the case. We appealed the case and according to our attorneys the supreme court refused to get involved because the time the custody was granted, the fathers rights were limited due to circumstances, so they would not go on a fact finding mission. My granddaughters fathers side of the family all live in the town we live in, and all of my mothers side of the family lives here. I have friends in local law enforcement. I am not the person that I was portrayed in court. According to our attorneys the judge just hates me. I have never before been in front of this man nor any other judge for over 12 years. Not the same for the grandmother. The attorneys also tell me that they will not work on our case anymore until our bill is paid in full, even though we have gave them $1200 in the past 2 months. They even say we haven't paid that even though we got a copy of the checks that they cashed. My wife and I are good people, anyone that knows us would tell you. I am friends with our local police and they would also tell you that there is no proof to any of the allegations. But my wife and I are just amazed that this could happen with no proof or even investigation. Last night on the phone our granddaughter told us that she wanted to get on the plane and come back home. Please help us. If you can help us raise enough money for a new lawyer for Rhylie's father please use the donate key. Thank you so much for your time, your prayers, and your donations ♥

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