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To help pay for cancer treatments

A single father was trying to raise four children while their mothers either chose to be absent or had passed away. While struggling to take care of their emotional and physical needs, he was diagnosed with Cancer. The original plan was to do surgery to remove the tumor and then chemotherapy to destroy any cells that may have been release into his body during the surgery. What seemed to be a simple situation turned into a nightmare. While talking to his doctor, he found that this type of cancer is not s imple. It cannot be cured by the tradition chemotherapy and radiation. This man has done everything he can to beat this. He has been through the maximum chemotherapy and radiation treatments available at his local hospital and clinic. But they have not worked. His thoughts turn to his children. How long do I have with them? How I will care for them? What will happen to them if I don’t make it? Regardless of his fears, he got up and went to his treatments and then to work. He woke the kids up and got them off to school with a smile on his face pretending that everything was ok. All the while being terrified inside that this may be one of the last moments he may have with them. Yet he still fights! He WANTS to live. He WANTS to see his children grown and have families of their own. So, to be able to do this, his chooses the last resort…. to endure extreme treatments at a clinic that he must travel to, that he now cannot afford. At these visits he is bombarded with drugs and radiation that would make the strongest person pray to God to make it stop. He does it for his kids. He does it for his mother. He does it for his family. He is unable to work because of these treatments and the effects that the cancer has on his body. One comfort that he does have is a woman that grown to love him, despite the fact that the cancer may take him from her too soon. They may only have a few years, at the most. And at the same time, he is scared that he is letting her down too. Today, I am asking everyone to make a donation to help pay for my little brother's treatments. He is trying to sell everything he has but the kitchen sink. My husband and I are helping as much as we can. But that’s not enough. I ask that you donate $10 to his treatments. Your donation will give him more time with his kids, his new found love, with his Mom, and his family.
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