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This is The Help For Bear Fund. The Funds will be used for Bear's cancer treatment. Please give if you can!

Hi All,
[THIS INFO HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED AS OF 6/14]My poor dog Bear, is going through so much in the last year, and still today. He made it through heartworm treatment, dental surgery, where he had to have 12 teeth removed, and he had to have a rectal polyp removed. He also was having problems with his kidneys, he was almost going into kidney failure, but he took medicine for it and ate special food for over two months and now they are back to normal. After overcoming all of this, we find out Bear has a canine cancer called Chondroblastic Osteogenic Sarcoma. We are trying to raise enough money to put him through a cancer treatment. My Daughter and I are both on Social Security, so saving money is awful hard to do and takes forever to get any amount saved. The treatment needs to be started ASAP, and we don't have any money left after all the past medical problems he has had. Please help if you can.

[UPDATE] Now we spent the money that we had for his surgery and dental work, for the blood work, the vet bill and for medicine for his kidneys. There are 4 of them. We have to buy more of two of the meds every week, for a few weeks. They run $42 and $28 a week, and we have to feed him a special kind of food that cost $40 a bag. We just don't have it. I have been trying to sell things, but I don't have anything worth selling. I sold my cross necklace for $20 only. I've cashed in cans, that was $15 more. If anyone could help, even a little we sure would appreciate it! I can tell you the meds and the kind of food that he has to eat now. And, I have the vet receipts. They want to see if he is up to the surgery and dental work in a few weeks.

[UPDATE] Bear is having alot of problems with the polyps and his teeth. He goes back in to the vet May 19th to get more blood work to see how his kidneys are doing. And to see if we can get his surgery and dental work taken care of yet. But, we will be needing help to do these things. I've been told by someone to "put him to sleep" if you can't afford him. This dog is like my child, he is a part of the family. I can't and won't do that. Please anything at all will help us, Thank you.

[UPDATE] Bear has to go in Friday (5/06) for his surgery. His face swelled up and we had to take him back to the vet. Some of his teeth have become loose and have caused abscesses, and that is what made his face swell. The Veterinarian said he has to have surgery this Friday, they can't hold off any longer, because with the abscesses, the infection can go through his whole system. He is going to have to have several of his teeth pulled. They also said they are going to be performing the other surgery, for the polyps at the same time.

[UPDATE] Bear had his surgery for his polyp and had 12 teeth surgically removed yesterday. He's home doing good. I have pain meds for him plus antibiotics. However, they said that the growth could grow back. He is also still taking the meds for his kidneys, and will have to have more blood work for that done in 2 or 3 weeks. They are letting us make payments for it all. Whatever we receive from here will help make those payments.

[UPDATE] Bear's face has been swollen for a while and hasn't gotten any better, in fact it has gotten worse. We took him to the vet today (5-24) to get it checked. They had to take x-rays of his head and determined that he has a large growth on the left side of his face, right under the eye. The veterinarian said he will have to have a biopsy done, and that there's a good chance it could be cancer. The biopsy is going to cost $300, so unfortunately we are going to have to increase the amount of the fundraiser. I want to thank everyone for your kind words and your thoughts for Bear. We will keep everyone informed, as we find out more.

[UPDATE] Bear had his biopsy Friday, but we won't know the results until around next Friday. His face is really swollen and bruised, and it's hurting him, but he is handling it well. We will update when we have the results back.

[UPDATE] We got the results back today, of Bear's biopsy, he does have cancer. The only treatment is, radiation, chemo and surgery that would remove half of his face. Which would run a minimum of $2000. So all we can do now is make him as comfortable as possible and our vet agrees that's the best option for him. We will need to be giving him medications to keep him comfortable, so we still need help for him. Please keep Bear in your thoughts and prayers.

[UPDATE] Bear got his stitches out today, He also got some medicine for pain and to help relax him. He had a rough night last night, he was really anxious and didn't really sleep at all. We had a talk with the vet and decided to talk with an Oncologist, maybe there's hope yet. The Oncologist is going to cost a lot just for the office call, so we still need help. I want to thank everyone again, for your donations, kind words, thoughts and prayers! We will keep you posted.

[UPDATE] We took Bear to see the oncologist today. She gave us a few options to think about. There's surgery, which would consist of taking out the tumor. They would have to remove the whole upper jaw, eye socket and eye. After the surgery, he would need to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. With this treatment, they said he could be around for another 12 months. The next option is radiation and chemotherapy. He would have to get several rounds of each and would have to be put under with anesthesia each time he had the radiation treatment. With this treatment, the chemo would prevent the cancer from spreading, and the radiation would slow down or stop the growth that is already there. Also, they said it would help to make him a bit more comfortable for the time being. We are not sure how much time this would give us with him, but it would give us more time than if we did nothing and it will help him be more comfortable. The last option is just radiation, which could be done in 4 high dose rounds, or several smaller dose rounds. This would slow down or stop the growth that is already there, just like the chemo + radiation treatment would, but with this option, the cancer could still spread. The surgery would be a minimum of $4000 not including radiation and chemotherapy. We are leaning toward the radiation and chemotherapy option, if we can get the funds. What we decide to do depends on how much money we have, because as it is right now, we don't have enough money to do any of the treatments. We want to keep him as long as we can, and keep him as comfortable as we can, so we need help now more than ever to do one of these treatments. We are raising the fundraiser amount to $4500 in hopes that we can do one of these treatments for him. With chemotherapy and radiation he would need a CT scan which is $700 alone. Each dose of radiation is over $600 and I'm not sure on the chemo. Unfortunately time is not on our side, and he needs this treatment as soon as possible, so please help if you can. Thank you everyone for your constant thoughts and prayers, it means alot to us.

[UPDATE] Bear has an appointment with the oncologist in Madison this Thursday (6-23) to get a CT scan done. We received a small credit, from care credit. It will be enough to get the CT scan. We are no where near being able to start the treatments however, we just don't have enough yet. We will update more after we see the oncologist.

[UPDATE] We just got back from seeing the oncologist in Madison. They did the CT scan, and found that the tumor has grown alot. The oncologist said he is in alot of pain, he was under light anesthesia for the CT scan, because they didn't want him fully under. They just wanted him under enough so he would hold still for it, and as soon as they touched his face he started to wake up because of the pain. So, the oncologist increased his meds, and also put him on Tylenol with codeine. The oncologist said we need to start the radiation treatment next week. We still don't have enough to do this. She said without it he has only a few weeks, maybe a month. We want to thank everyone who has donated and sent their love and prayers. We really wish Bear knew just how many people care about him.

[UPDATE] We have received enough money to get the radiation treatments. He will be going for his first treatment Wednesday (6-29). We have to close this fundraiser, in order to get the money for the treatments. We still need money for chemotherapy and the medicines he needs. So we will be starting a new Help for Bear fundraiser tomorrow (6-28). We will post the new link on twitter and facebook. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for him to get his treatments.
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