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Give $8 for Aidan\'s giveforward fundraiser to help offset medical and therapy treatment costs.

Give $8 for Aidan's 8th birthday fundraiser is to help offset medical and therapy treatment. 

Aidan is a sweet child with every external physical characteristic of a cute seven-year-old boy. Internally however, his communication, behaviors and social skills are deeply impacted by autism, relegating him to the mental and social status of a toddler, at best. As such, he is the hardest working seven year old around, with a resume of “work” since his formal diagnosis at the age of three consisting of: two years of Early Childhood education, three years of full-time, intensive Applied Behavior Analysis therapy, continued post-intensive ABA therapy, and regular supplemental therapies such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, social skills and life skills classes, brushing and one year of cranio-sacrel therapy.

Despite all of this “work” (as he calls it), Aidan thrives in a therapy setting, and really enjoys it. However, gains made in a therapy setting fall short, as Aidan appears incapable of generalizing skills and knowledge acquired in therapy to the real world. He lives trapped in a world of autism, unable to dress himself, go to the bathroom independently, interact appropriately with his peers, recite or write the alphabet or numbers, answer a question or follow a simple command with any regularity.

Most concerning is Aidan's complete lack of understanding for safety, and his continuous desire to “escape” outside. Thus, he has to be held by the hand constantly, and his Project Lifesaver (GPS) tracking bracelet provides only slight comfort that should he disappear (his greatest skill discovered to date), he might be found.

Aidan's greatest strength is his sweet nature and love for snuggles and hugs. He is a little angel, struggling to make the connections necessary to function as a normal and happy seven year old.

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