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The family and friends of Idalya's parents are uniting to raise money to help the family with medical expenses while Idalya fights Leukemia.

This page is dedicated to Idalya Rae Estevez, a beautiful 19 month old little girl recently diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). ALL is a form of leukemia, or cancer of the white blood cells, (white blood cells are responsible for protecting the body against infectious disease and foreigh materials.) When a child has leukemia, large numbers of abnormal white blood cells are produced in our bone marrow. These abnormal white blood cells crowd the bone marrow and flood the bloodstream, unfortunately these cells cannot perform their proper role of protecting the body against disease because they are defective. As leukemia progresses, the cancer interferes with the body's production of other types of blood cells and platelets. Because of this, Idalya is anemic and requires frequent blood transfusions, she also has almost no immunity which makes her risk for infection huge.

Her therapy involves 3 stages :
*Induction -This phase is very aggressive and combines several chemotherapy drugs both intravenously and pills..Idalya has 6 months of this stage, The goal of induction is to kill most of the leukemia cells (Idalya's reaction to this treatment will be tested with frequent blood draws and bone marrow biopsies.)
*Consolidation - this is when the hospital will continue to give Idalya chemotherapy treatment both will switch up her medications
*Maintenace - with this phase, the chemotherapy is lessened with a few of the chemo meds taken less frequently.

All in all, we are looking at at least 2-3 years of treatment.

Idalya's family has very limited insurance, and they are forced to pay for her medication out of pocket (Idalya is on quite a fews meds, some taken multiple times a day.)

We are trying to get as many people involved to help with words of encouragement, prayer, and financial help.

100% of all donations go directly to Idalya's medical expenses.

If you have any questions or have a suggestion as to how we can set up a fundraiser or collect donations, please feel free to email me directly at or call me Kristen (954) 547 4648.

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