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Frieda Robinson Brain Cancer Fund! A small donation will go a long way. Please help!

Today is the last day of the fundraiser!!! I just wanted to Thank everyone for your support and well wishes!!!
I have added this verified paypal button for those who prefer the security of paypal! I have not been able to link the paypal account with this page. So... your donation will not show up immediately. I will post your donations as soon as I possibly can! Thank you!
***Update***8-22-11 Looking forward to seeing my mom for the first time since this nightmare begun! ***Update***8-12-11 Last round of radiation!!! Chemo... Well... Triple doses, but only five times a month, not 5 or 7 days a week. ***Update***8-1-11 Thank you so very much to Emi and her family for visiting (checking on) my mom for me!!! (Not to minimize all the support and care everyone else has given!) ***Update*** 7-26-11 Mom quit the chemo because it was making her too sick. Today they gave her a stronger anti-nausea medicine and she has begun the chemo again. The radiation has given my mother the opportunity to seek new and creative ways to style her hair, left side gone. ***Update*** 7-13-11 Mom said she only sounds tired because I either call her right after radiation or at bed time. She is still in very good spirits! ***Update*** 7-12-11 Mom sounds very tired. Every time I speak to her she has either just gotten up from a nap or is about to take one. Results from a blood test show elevated levels of ALT. This is a chemical released into the blood by the liver. Elevated levels are indicative of damage to the liver. Hopefully terminating use of some of the less important medications will help this situation! ***Update*** 6-29-11 My mom started her radiation and chemo today. She is doing well. Thank you all for the support and prayers! Do you know what glioblastoma is? I found out real quick when the family doctor said that is what my mother, Frieda Robinson, has. On Wednesday 6-1-11, I received a call from my mother. She said, “Don’t worry, everything is fine!” We’ll that tells me there is a problem. “I am at the Hospital, and I am going to have a procedure done. I didn’t want you to worry but they said I really should call you.” At this point I am aware that this can’t be a simple procedure. She then states that I am on the contact list and that her medical information can be shared with me. So… what is going on? “Well, my face started sagging a little, but don’t worry! It’s not what you think!” My father passed away in 2005 after two major strokes. So we are well aware of the symptoms and signs of a stroke. But if that is not it…..what is going on? “Well they are going to go into my brain and take a small piece out to test it. It should only take a couple of hours, and I’ll be home by Friday.” Biopsy… your brain… that’s brain surgery, not a procedure! My mother, going in for brain surgery, is worried about me worrying. She called me right before she went in for surgery and could not talk for long. That was the longest day of my life! All afternoon I spent calling the hospital trying to get any information about her status. Finally, after about five hours, she was in the recovery room and getting ready to transfer to intensive care. That night I was able to speak with her for a few minutes, although she was pretty sedated, but doing well. The next day, “They say I should be able to go home by Sunday, but I don’t see why I can’t go Friday.” And sure enough, my mom left the hospital that Friday, 6-3-11. This was only two days after having a 3 centimeter tumor removed from her brain. OK, can’t be anything to bad, right? I mean it was two days and back home. Wrong! After a week of nail biting, the pathology report came in. Friday 6-10-11 I learned that my mother has high grade glioma. What does this mean? I searched the internet and everything said poor prognosis, most aggressive, 14 month survival, hospice, and just about every other word I did not want to hear. Glioblastoma! Brain Cancer! No Cure! Since that day I have tried to come to grips with this diagnosis and have had a hard time accepting that my mother will die from this disease. This is my mother! She had cervical cancer and beat it, breast cancer…beat it. Fibromyalgia, living with it! The death of her husband of 25 years, my dad, dealt with it. My mom, the most optimistic, positive, caring, considerate, tough woman, that has been there for me all my life, is going to die. What about my children? They love their grand mother so much! How will this affect them? I have obsessed over this for weeks. I needed to do something, but, what? What could I possibly do? I have no money. I am three thousand mile away. I can’t afford to fly out there to see and support her. I can’t get my kids out there to see her while she is still doing well. What can I do? Love, my love and support is all I have to give. Wait… I can’t just give up! I have made it a point to never ask anyone for help, until now! Therefore, I am begging for help! I have created a fundraiser! I will be using the funds raised to reunite our family while my mother is doing well and can enjoy time with her grand children. I will also be covering any expenses related to her diagnosis that are not covered by insurance. Mom has great insurance but there are just so many expenses. I want to improve her quality of life for the time she has left. With or without help, I have a responsibility to move back home to help my mother. I don’t know how I can do this without help, so please help a worthy cause! Glioblastoma kills, and now it has its sights on my mother. Could you please make a donation to help me take care of my mother? Thank You so much! Michael Robinson
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