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An Adoption for baby Drake our newphew. His mom has a drug problem and will not get clean. Help us give this child a home forever.

My husband and I have Three children. I am going to tell you our story and maybe you can help us with our journey.

We have temperory custody of our nephew. His birth mother found out that she was pregnant last January. My sister-in-law is an addict. It has gotten worst through the years and it got worst through the pregnancy. When she found out she wanted to stay clean and healthy for him, but the drugs took charge. We were in and out of the hospital several times because she was either did too many drugs or she did not want the baby anymore. She tried to abort him twice that i know of.

When she was only a couple of weeks out to give birth she got really hi, and the doctor said that we could not wait anymore and to bring her to the hospital.

When baby Drake was born i was like looking at everything. From toes all the way up to his head. He was perfect. When he opened his eyes he had the bluest eyes possiable. The doctor had to contact DHS becuase she tested posstive for drugs, and when that happens they have to get them involved. We did not want our nephew going into custody. My husband and I talked about taking him until she got cleaned.

She agree to this because she said that she wanted to get better for him and for her daughter. We said we would take him. We found a program for her and it was a seven month program. This program teaches everything from start to end. it helps with eduaction to living again without the drugs. We even told her we would support her while she was in there. She lasted about a month and a half. She got kicked out because she was not following directions and other various things.

Since then we have only heard from her once and that was in october of last year. All she wanted from us was money. Of course we told her no and we would not support her habit. Since we have not heard from her we are going to proceed with an adoption.

Our amazing kids have loved him from day one and has called him their brother. They come into to the room and he just smiles at them . He loves them just as much as they love him. I thought my family was complete until I saw Jayme. This child brings has brought so much into our lives. I can't imagine what it would be like without him. I love him as my own, so if you could please help us with this Drake will always be taking care of. we have to pay the laywer fees on July 23rd to start this process and so far we have 325.00 in donation from our friends and family.

We are a family that needs help to bring Drake into our family for good. thank you for your support and Thank You for all of your prayers.
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