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The family and friends of Landon Stoin, age 4, are uniting to raise money for autism and health treatments. All support welcomed, God Bless!

Hello Everyone!!

Our first born child, Landon (1-23-07) was born with autism spectrum disorder, although not discovered until age 18 mos. He has continued battling severe speech, physical and social/behavioral setbacks, and almost lost his life with a severe battle with Kawasaki Disease at age 2, due to what we have recently discovered is a compromised immune system. By the Grace of God, we have witnessed Landon making some language and cognitive gains through his wonderful ESE pre-K program here in Lakeland Florida, and through speech, occupational and physical therapies that he attends each week.

Through our church, we discovered there actually IS a certified biomedical physician (M.D.), about 2 hours away from us, that has healed his own two autistic sons.

Due to the pharmaceutical and medical industries not recognising the components to biomedical treatment (Oxygen therapy, genetic, dietary allergies, immune fuction, heavy metal toxicity, yeast and candida overgrowth, melatonin/endocrinology and thyroid issues.....the list goes on.... viral afflictions that ALL contribute to the neurological breakdown which present as autistic symptoms.....), they cannot bill Insurance except for bloodwork, and their specialties are in enormous demand (cannot get an appointment for 4-8 weeks). These M.D.'s with speciality in biomedics are also in danger of law suits due to the nature of the beast. Those Mothers and Fathers of autistic children should not be unable to seek proven health treatments simply due to lack of funds, so we began this fundraiser to help Landon reach his full potential and glory! Link here to physician's website.

Many children who have seen Dr. Dan Rossignol at Creation's Own (name of practice) in Melbourne, Florida are on their way to being released from the grasps of autism because of the scientific breakthroughs now available through physicians like Dr. Rossignol, who is a father of two autistic children himself. (HIS QUALIFICATIONS AND APPROACH ARE WRITTEN BELOW FOR YOUR THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF HIS EXPERTISE!) :-)

We are raising funds for Landon to see this autism doctor because he is not accepted by insurance companies with the exception of bloodwork, and his fees for some of the neuro-psychological brain mapping sessions and follow ups and supplements are extensive.

We are only asking for help reaching the amount listed because our family currently has absolutely no disposable income other than enough for basic necessities, just including food and shelter at the current time, due to job losses and a cross country move from Michigan this past year after our daugher, Grace was born. Both Mom (Alisabeth) and Dad (Dan) are working to provide the best possible life for Landon and his sister, Grace...and Mom only works part time so that she can raise these amazing kids as Christian, moral, wholesome and compassionate human beings. However, our heart breaks for our son, who is desperately in need of a full medical evaluation by Dr. Rossignol....and our only obstacle at this time is having enough dollars to make it happen.

If anyone out there in cyberspace has ever known the difficult life of families afflicted with a loved one with autism spectrum disorder.....please donate your facebook Status to our cause with this link....and share it, in the hopes that enough people might donate just one dollar towards Landon's speedy, hopeful and bright recovery and future ahead!! He is only four years old and is the light and treasure of our lives. Thank you all and God Bless!!!


Dr. Rossignol received his Doctorate of Medicine at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia (UVA). He is a former clinical assistant professor of family medicine at UVA and is currently a staff physician at the International Child Development Resource Center. He is the father of two children with autism!! Talk about a vested interest......LOL.

He has authored several papers including two on the use of HBOT (hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) in autism, one on the use of urinary porphyins in autism, and another on mitochondrial dysfunction in autism. He is a medical advisor to the International Hyperbarics Association and USAAA and is currently involved in research to find treatments for inflammation, oxidative stress, gastrointestinal problems and heavy metal toxicity in autism.

Link to full article :

* Genetic testing....chromosomal analysis and checking for fragile X syndrome

* MRI scan to exclude some type of brain structural problem

* EEG to look for seizure activity, especially important because newer studies are reporting that 60% or more of children with autism have subclinical seizure activity. Dr. Rossignol finds SIGNIFICANT improvements especially in speech, in some children when treated for seizures.

* initial diagnosis, 8 follow up visits, $445 per 2 hour session.

* bloodwork, specific lab tests, helpful in either checking for other medical conditions that could be exacerbating the autistic behavior, or defining underlying biomedical problems. listed below

1. elevated levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals
2. inflammation potentially in the gastrointestinal tract and brain,
3. Oxidative stress(damage to tissue caused by free radicals, which are neutralized by antioxidants such as Vitamins C and E)
4. impaired Glutathione production which is the body's main natural detoxifier and antioxidant
5. impaired mitochondrial function which is responsible for producing ATP, or energy.

6. CBC and comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) check for anemia, platelet count (high count consistent with inflammation) and liver and kidney function.

7. Thyroid. We find a significant number of children with autism who have hypothyroidism, which can minic some of the symptoms of autism and impair development. A simple blood test called TSH can check for this problem.

8. Iron deficiency can cause inattention and concentraion problems. Low iron is also linked to lowered IQ. Iron supplemenmtaion in children with adhd who have low iron levels has been shown to improve attention compared to a placebo, and iron supplementaion in asd kiddos has improved sleep.

9. Ammonia and lactic acid are initial tests that can help determine if mitochondrial dysfunction exists, which can lead to low energy production and hypotonia (low muscle tone)...which Landon has...... and is potentially treatable with supplements like coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine.

10. Cholesterol. A cholesterol count less than 145/mg/dl in typical children has been shown to increase defiance and irritability and increase the chances of school suspension by three-fold.

11. Cysteine is the precursor to glutathione and is the rate-limiting step for glutathione production. Low levels of cysteine reflect impaired glutathione production or increased flutathione utilization due to oxidative stress.

12. Lead....
13. Magnesium
14. Testosterone....elevated testosterone, which can lead to aggressive tendencies......Landon....LOL.
15. Organic Acid Panel Measures markers of yeast, Clostridia, vitamin levels and mitochondrial function.
16. Urinary porphyrin concentrations can reflect increased heavy metal or pesticide levels in the kidney and are markers of the metal burden in the body.
17. Urinary neopterin is a marker of inflammation and tends to reflect autoimmunity in some children with autism.
18. Urinary oxidized DNA and RNA are markers of oxidative stress inside the cell...and children with elevated levels often have improvements when taking the correct antioxidants
19. Urinary isoprostane is a marker of oxidative stress outside the cell. Again, antioxidants help!
20. Stool testing. Checks for presence of inflammation, dysbiosis (increased levels of yeast and abnormal bacteria), digestion abnormalities and absorption issues.

A Ketogenic diet can be helpful....

Sleep......autism worsens with sleep deprivation. One recent study revealed that a defect in the ASMT gene that resulted in less melatonin production in some children with autism.

Multivitamin.....improves sleep and gastrointestinal problems, compared to placebo. Most autistic youngsters are not able to swallow pills, so a compounding pharmacy can create a particular combination for the specific needs of each child, as deemed necessary by bloodwork and urinary tests.

Vitamin C. In a double blind placebo controlled study, Vitamin C was shown to reduce stereotypical behavior (stimming) in individuals iwht autism compared to placebo. 100 mg.
Methylcobalamin and folinic acid
Magnesium and Vitamin B-6 6
Pycnogenol 2 mg/day
Carnitine 100/,g day
Carnosine 400 mg twice daily
Omega-3 fatty acids

Review of lab tests and nutritional supplementation follows, that any parent of a child with autism could start and which could potentially alleviate these problems and improve autistic behaviors.

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