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Will you please help us see our children regain their health and quality of life...

Newlyweds James & Jaimi Warren's lives changed forever when a simple toothache for James prior to their honeymoon went horrifyingly wrong.

In the past 24 months James has had SIX surgeries... Two emergency reconstructive surgeries, brain and brain stem surgeries and numerous additional medical proceedures all in attempt to repair his injuries. The Warren's have used all of their lives' savings including honeymoon funds and retirement accounts on James' medical bills trying to help relieve his unimaginable pain from Trigeminal and Occipital Neuralgia brought on by medical complications, (nerve damage which is known by the medical community as 'The Suicide Disease'). James still requires bone grafting surgeries.

Our hope is James' brain stem surgery will give him lasting relief from his unimaginable pain and give this loving, fairytale couple some much needed quality time and reprieve from the dozens of monthly doctors appointments, hospital stays, and surgeries.

Our goal as the parents of these two amazingly strong individuals is to inspire others to help us bring some normalcy back into our children's lives', help them regain their financial security beyond the mountain of medical bills, late house payments, and struggling to keep the utilities on so they may be able to focus on James' journey of recovery.

About our Jaimi:.   She has loved James since they were 15 and too shy to express their true feelings for fear of loosing their deep friendship. Her nurturing heart for rescuing animals is larger than life. Her exotic bird rescue and sanctuary "Once Upon A Wing" is home to many. Her love affair with horses began at age five and she couldn't imagine life without them. Jaimi's  animals help her as much as she helps them, living with her own medical issues, her love of animals keeps her body going and gives her purpose.

About our James:.    He has always been an avid outdoorsman and skilled hunter. From high school he joined the Navy serving on the USS Kittyhawk. After his US Military service, James followed his servant's heart and became a Fireman and EMT. He sustained injuries during a response to a fire and and had to trade his career for a less physically challenging life of service. As a graduate of Pima Medical Institute in Arizona, James found a fulfilling career as a Certified Medical Assistant. He had plans to continue his medical career by advancing his degree to Physician's Assistant in Oregon, a desire that will now be unfulfilled due to his disabilities.

About Our Children as a Couple:
A true fairytale couple with an amazing story! James & Jaimi have known each other since they were six, attended the same schools and were inseparable friends in high school. Life took them on separate paths, but many years later they were reunited by Divine intervention when God was sure the timing was right for these two soul mates.

James is disabled now and will never be the same, but their new hope is for James to recover enough to resume enjoying their marriage, farm, horses, parrot rescue, dogs and the outdoors together.

Will you please donate today and help them? Every donation brings hope.

Thank you,

William & Michelle Doty, Jim Warren Sr & Debbie Journey, Mike & Carolyn Flynn (Parents)

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