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Recently one of my indoor cats managed to escape when I was coming in carrying groceries. She then got in a fight with a cat outside twice her size and he roughed her up and injured her leg. Now she's been limping and wincing. She needs a vet badly

Luna has been trying to get outside for 3 years. I have always managed to keep my cats inside. I have two other cats I have had for 7 years and 6 years. One is 22 pounds, the other is 12 pounds. They would have been fine if they got out. Luna is 7 pounds. She's a little sweety who loves taking showers, kneeding everywhere she sits, and talking (meow, moew, meow). She also knows how to shake hands, although she doesn't always do it. When I heard the cat fight after looking for her for an hour I ran outside and found her under a parked car. I had to use a broom to get her out, and had to trick her into the kitty carrier. She was so scared and hissing at me. She never hisses. I saw the limp right away and she has been breathing heavier lately, too. I thought she looked better this morning, but tonight I noticed she stopped using the injured leg and is hopping around. Poor kitty. I want to take her to the vet, but vets around here are expensive. I am working 15 hours a week and just barely making ends meet. I have no spare money. My friend had her dog go to the vet for x-rays and medicine and it was $1500. I can't afford that and I don't have credit good enough to get help that way, nor relatives who can lend me the money. Please help!

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