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The family and friends of Tabby Keene are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against brain cancer. Please show your support!

Tabby has what is called Fibrillary Astrocytomas, also known as diffuse astrocytoma, which are slow growing brain tumors. This type of cancer typically arises in young adults, although they are also found in children and senior citizen. They may occur anywhere in the brain, or even in the spinal cord, but are most commonly found in the cerebral hemispheres. The outline of the tumor is not clearly visible in scans, because the borders of the neoplasm tend to send out tiny microscopic fibrillary tentacles that spread into the surrounding brain tissue. These tentacles intermingle with healthy brain cells, making complete surgical removal difficult. However, they are low grade tumors, with a slow rate of growth, so that patients commonly survive longer than those with otherwise similar types of brain tumors. Seizures and headaches are very often the earliest signs of this tumor, which typically do not "enhance" or "light
up" when an intravenous contrast dye is given. Once a scan shows an abnormality suspected of being low-grade astrocytoma, the next step is generally a consultation with a neuro-oncologist. The biopsy could not be performed due to the location and tissue that was impacted. Because the tumor had already grown tiny microscopic tentacles that spread into the surrounding brain tissue, the tumor could not be removed. The tumor has been treated with a low dose of chemotherapy. The tumor started out bigger than a quarter and now is as small as the size of a pea. Tabby has chemo once a week for six weeks and then a PET scan done after the treatment to see if the treatments are working. The chemo is helping but just taking some time to get rid of the tumor. Her side effects are nausea, vomiting, tiredness, headaches, and pain. Her hair is gotten real thin but she hasn’t lost all of her hair. She has lost about 13 lbs but she maintains a good healthy eating habit to keep up with her sickness.

Tabatha is sick about 2-3 days after her treatment. She still try’s to work because her medical bills are building up. She has been undergoing treatment since Aug. 2011. She is a very strong willed person. She is very loveable and fighting a hard battle but also keeping her spirits up as well. She stays extremely focused in everything. She does have her bad days but has words of wisdom written down so she can stay focused. Tabby is always trying to cheer up other people when they are down as well. She is so sweet and kind not only to her family but her friends and co-workers as well. To listen to the compassionate way she speaks to her family and friends makes you want to be a better person. Tabby is definitely a positive influence on a lot of people. She is always walking around with an upbeat attitude which is very contagious. She never complains about her sickness.
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