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The friends and family of Dorita Smith have united and created a cookbook to help raise money for Dorita's treatments for Fifth disease.

Thank you for visiting our cookbook fundraiser! To help ease the financial burden which medical treatments have placed on the Smith family, we (her family and friends) have come together to create a cookbook. You can download the cookbook at the link on this site. Please consider a $15 donation for the book, but ANY donations are greatly appreciated. Cookbook Website: Family Favorites Cookbook: A Richter Family Recipe For the past twelve years my aunt Dorita has been battling Lymes disease. Although she has been treating this disease, she has been experiencing odd symptoms that are not typical of Lymes. Most notably, she is suffering from painful swelling and locking of her joints. Recently, it has been difficult for her to even accomplish simple tasks such as drinking a glass of water. In addition to these everyday tasks, she sometimes cannot participate in as many activities as she would like to with her three active children. It is also challenging for her to pursue her favorite hobbies, photography and gardening. Through it all, my aunt has found comfort in her steadfast faith. She continues to amaze me with her kind and positive attitude. It was a difficult to pinpoint the cause of these symptoms, but doctors have finally been able to make a diagnosis. My aunt is suffering from adult Fifth disease, or Parvo, which is caused by parvovirus B19. Doctors discovered that there are very high levels of this virus in my aunt’s blood. Often the first symptoms of fifth disease are mild and nonspecific. Even though Dorita’s symptoms have only been severe for the past few years, doctors believe that she has had the virus for a very long time. When children have this disease, it is usually very mild and goes away on its own. However, adults experiencing this disease face more severe symptoms and a longer recovery. Since Dorita’s immune system has already been weakened by Lymes disease, she is at a high risk for serious complications from Parvo, and is already experiencing painful symptoms. Since such serious cases of Parvo are rare, finding a treatment proved to be a challenge. There is no cure for Parvo, and there are no vaccines or medications to prevent it. However, after much searching, my aunt has finally discovered a treatment at the Progressive Medical Center in Atlanta, GA that has helped strengthen her immune system and relieved some of the pain in her joints. She takes special supplements, receives intervenious therapy and electro-therapy, and takes Prolozone shots in both of her shoulders. The goal of these treatments is to diminish the virus as much as possible and build up Dorita’s immune system as much as possible so that she can fight the disease. Thank you for all of your donations, support, and most importantly prayers. If you would rather write a check, please make it out to Dorita Smith, and send it to: Dorita Smith 1137 Belhaven Dr. SW Supply, NC 28462 God Bless.
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