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Funds needed for a kidney transplant, airfare, boarding pets, time off work, etc. PLEASE HELP and if possible share this link.

Carla Hart is raising money to travel to California from Hawaii to donate a kidney to a lifelong friend, Marina Barth.

By scrolling down this page to links and clicking on the words "kidney transplant for Marina" there is a Chip In page that is another way to donate to this cause without losing 7% of the money to Give Forward. We are grateful for any and all donations. We truly appreciate the services of Give Forward which helps so many people with medical needs. By paying Give Forward 7% of money raised, when we reach our goal of $5,000 we will be giving them $350.

As we learn more about these donation fundraising pages we are trying to provide options that will allow as much money raised as possible to go directly to the expenses of this kidney transplant.

A BIG Thank You to the first 4 people who donated which got us 10% of the way to our goal in one day!!! Thank you to Give Forward for helping make this possible.

It has been a miraculous 24 hours!!! With donations coming in, old schoolmates from 35 years ago stepping forward to help someone who was a friend during childhood, the offer of a free place to stay while I am in L.A. for the transplant surgery, many friends sharing this link on their facebook pages and other facebook pages and so much more.

Marina is doing OK today, June 25. She is having pain and discomfort from the catheter in her neck and chest that is used for dialysis. She is having her arm mapped on Friday for a permanent fistula catheter put into her arm, which will reduce the chance of infection from the catheter they are currently using. Since the fistula catheter takes weeks to months to heal before it can even be used for dialysis I am hopeful that the kidney transplant can happen soon enough that they may not need to do that surgery. Marina is quite drained and worn out today. This happens every couple days when her blood has filled with toxins and she needs dialysis again. She will get dialysis tomorrow, which is a 3 hour process and it makes her feel better for a day then the cycle continues. She is adjusting to her strict renal diet. We are planning a celebration meal after the transplant surgery.

After speaking with the hospital today I was told that the time frame varies greatly depending on Marina's health and all the tests done to both of us during these next 2-3 months. So far things look great regarding compatible blood and the health required to proceed with this transplant. I will have to go to L.A. twice. First for a test they must do there, for just a few days, then a couple months later for the transplant surgery during which time I will be in L.A. for about 3 weeks.

Marina and I have always been so connected. Just today I received a card from her with a sticker of a seahorse on it and she wrote "mermaids ride seahorses".
She was also telling me about a statue she has of a mermaid riding a dolphin and commenting on an envelope I sent with a mermaid riding a dolphin on it. While we were on the phone talking she received a blanket I made for her in the mail. The fabric is mermaids riding seahorses and dolphins. She had no idea that blanket was coming or the fabric I chose to make it with. These connections are typical in our friendship. I used to think it was odd, coincidence, kind of strange but now for many years it's just how it is.
We are mermaid soul sisters!!!

So many wonderful things are happening. I will try to post updates often. For now, please know it is your contributions that are making this transplant possible. For people who want to help but are unable to contribute with a credit card, you can send checks to:

Carla Hart
P.O. Box 30887
Anahola, HI 96703

Thank you for easing our worries and helping with the financial expenses so we can proceed with the actual transplant process. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for your donations, caring, prayers and love.
God Bless You All,

After 3 hours of dialysis Marina was in the E/R for 4 hours because they thought she had a blot clot. Turns out she has an infection. Please pray for her recovery as we continue on towards the kidney transplant surgery.
Thank you,

Marina has spent the past 4 days in the hospital. Friday began 2 procedures, one to map an area to create a fistula in her arm (connecting an artery and a vein) for future dialysis use. Then she had a surgery to change the location of the temporary catheter because it was causing her so much pain. Complications from the surgery and anesthesia, including a swollen throat with difficulty breathing and swallowing, have kept her in the hospital. Thank you all for your continued prayers and for the donations which ease her worries tremendously as we proceed towards a transplant.
Abundant thank yous,

7/2/12 Marina is home from the hospital, recovering and in pain but home! She continues with dialysis 3 x a week. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers.
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