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This is the "Bring Dekota home" fund. The fund's will be used to pay for his transportation, court, attorneys, school fees, clothes,etc.

Dekota is an 11 year old boy that lives in Iowa.He has never met his dad. Mom left before he was born. He has spent his whole life hearing that his father is a monster that he wants nothing to do with him. This isnt the was never given a chance. But this is not the problem. Mom is not nice! I don't know how else to put it. She is very mean to this little boy. And to top it off.....they don't have anywhere to live. He has been in and out of foster care, homeless shelters, and abuse centers.

The story started when Dekotas father filed for a divorce from his ex wife. It took 10 years as she took off and no one could locate her. Finally after 10 years, the divorce became final and three months later Dion received paperwork stating he owed for birth expenses, child support etc. Well he found out he had an 11 year old son. His name is Dekota and come to find out the poor boy has had a very rough road. At this current time he is located at the lowest homeless shelter available in Iowa as his mother does NOTHING. He has been abused in different ways. So far this school year he has been to four different schools. Dion and his finace are hiring lawyers, gaurdian liatem (spellin) and so much more to bring this little boy to a safe home. On Decemeber 19th, they finally have a court hearing so they are hoping and praying for an outcome there. Dion finally was able to talk to his son for the very first time last week Monday and they started talking about the book "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and Dekotas mom did not like that Dion was having a nice conversation with him so she was yelling to Dekota to ask questions about him and Dekota was just tickled his daddy actually knew about this book. The storry just goes on as to what he has been thru is just horrifying and he needs to become a healthy well cared for and loved child. He deserves to enjoy life to the fullest and not think life is a horrible thing. Please come together this holiday season and help bring this little boy home safe. He has a very loving, caring, helpful family here in Wisconsin waiting to WELCOME him in along with a sister and brother to play toys with, color and so much more. (something he never does except in school) When he comes home, he will be in need of lots of counciling, schooling, etc. He will also need clothes, toys, bed and so much more.

December 19,2011 UPDATE:
We wanted to let everyone know that we had court today and it didn't go as we had hoped. It was our understanding that Dekota would be coming here very soon. That today would be about placement. We have been told for months now that everyone is looking at this as "an emergency situation". "This needs to happen rapidly". So I don't believe that we were wrong to think that we would have him here at Chistmas. While the courts do agree that we are the best place for him, it is now a matter of meeting him. When we first learned of Dekota in February it was recommended we wait to have any contact until after the DNA. It was ordered then but took two more orders before it got done. It was September when we found out the results. We asked about having contact then. Maybe start with a phone call. We were pretty much just told no. It was too soon. October was his birthday and we again ask to come to meet with him. Instead we were told to send a video to try to introduce ourselves. We asked if we could go meet him before thanksgiving and maybe bring him here for the weekend. He hadn't seen the video yet and maybe we should wait for that. Every weekend since September we would have going down, but have always been told not to. Now, because they havent met yet, its a problem to just bring him here. (why? did he have to meet his foster parents first) So it was ordered that at anytime Dion can come and at anytime Dion will have phone calls. (whos going to enforce that) This needs to happen before placement can be given we were told. Frustrated, yet excited, Dion said that if it had to be that way, he would leave now. It was set up with one of the case workers right then, and he has an appointment to meet Dekota tomorrow morning. We have to set up as many meetings down there as possible and then we can set a court date for January. It was made clear that, after meeting with him a few times, if we still wanted to "step up" and bring "this" child into our home, we would be able to do so then. We don't need to meet with him to know that he belongs here.
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