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The family and friends of Jenn Hoose (and her sons, Ben and Brady) are uniting to raise money to help her battle appendix cancer!

In the three short months (although they have felt incredibly long) since Jenn’s diagnosis the outpouring of love, support and generosity shown to Jenn and our entire family has been nothing short of amazing. Hence the name “Team Jenn-erosity!”

Jenn’s Health Story
This past July, Jenn went in for a routine surgery. The doctor noticed a funny looking tumor (or what she thought was a cyst at the time), she removed it and sent it for testing. Pathology came back and identified it as a Krukenberg tumor, a very rare tumor that is typically a secondary cancer site. It also contained poorly differentiated signet ring cells, even rarer, and a very aggressive type of cancer. So after a series of tests, the primary site was identified and diagnosed - - it was Stage IV Appendix Cancer. After extensive research on the internet, and reaching out to family members who are much more familiar with the world of cancer, a path was identified. According to research, this is a very tough cancer to beat, but the best shot we have available today is to use a combination of surgery and chemo. The technique of choice is CRS/HIPEC. CRS being a cytoreductive surgery, where they go in and remove all visible tumor and portions or all of affected organs. This CRS had also gained the nickname MOAS, or the Mother of all Surgeries, due to how major it can be. HIPEC is hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, or basically a process where they pour heated chemo into the abdomen during the last part of surgery.
On August 29th, Jenn went in for this MOAS. Only to discover that she had a number of small tumors, too many to surgically remove them all effectively, and so the surgeons opted to remove her Appendix and performed a right hemicolectomy. The doctor then recommended performing 12 weeks of IV chemo first, in an effort to shrink or kill as many tumor sites as possible. After 12 weeks, she will be re-evaluated. So in three months she has undergone two major surgeries and begun chemotherapy!! Anyone who knows Jenn will not be surprised to hear she has been amazingly strong, incredibly positive, and determined to beat this! In fact, Jenn’s attitude has propped up the rest of the family on numerous occasions.

Why We Need Your Help
As many of you know, Jenn is the sole parent of twin five year old boys. She is an amazing mother and often refers to Brady and Ben as her “best motivation” to win this fight. We believe she will, but she needs our help! While Jenn fights this cancer, her medical expenses are continually mounting. Thankfully, she has insurance but managing the costs of co-pays, medications (one cycle is approx. $38,000), and travel expenses to the treatment center on a percentage of her salary (short term disability) is growing more difficult!! It is important that Jenn focus all of her energy and strength on winning this battle, and so we are raising money to offset/assist with these expenses. Our hope is that we alleviate the growing financial burdens so Jenn can concentrate on getting better! If we meet our goal we would love to donate a portion of the money raised to Appendix cancer research.
Thank you in advance for your love and support!
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