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Hello everybody my name is Jennifer on behalf of my very good, since childhood friend Elaina.

Thank thank you very much for even taking the time to stop by and read this cry for help. I am here on behalf of my best friend to try helping her to be able to save her home and help out with household expenses, and food for her and her young 1 year old boy codie.

She wasn’t always like this, usually she’s working to keep things afloat but this year seemed to scale a thin line on her with now needing to save her & her son codie from losing their home and not being able to survive which brings the reason I’m here. Ever since her husband transitioned 2 years ago and is now absent from his family from serving in the military, the money that was coming in from that has dwindled. she has been trying to do everything by herself since then, trying to stay strong for herself and the baby, which is Johnathan and Elaina’s first child sine they married back in June 2015.

She always was the kind of person not to ask people for anything, this major because of her strong will of dependency and pride of trying to meet her goals but it has taken a toll on her and it bothers me to the point that I’ve said, you know what I am really going to try and help my best friend out the best way I know how, and i mean the best way I can. I am not one of those friends who has a lot of money to help out with because of my own living expenses, but I always do what I can and it is breaking my heart, not only seeing but going through this struggle with her.

I have even pitched in as much as possible still helping out making sure they eat, and she can at least keep her lights on & internet going for work. she had been doing her very best to take on all the bills plus be a mom and now is at the point of really going through a very hard time keeping her bills in order at least until she is finally placed in new job position working from home again. The wait time is a kill joy for some of those work from home positions but at least when she gets back in a program she’ll be fine to where she’s making sure she can afford her family plus the home.

We live in a small town with not much help for government assistance because technically she still has a job. She just hasn’t been place in a job from the company she works for yet, while seeking other work at home jobs that are more consistent. They deny her food stamp assistance anyway. We have tried again letting them know what happened and was directed to only 2 food pantries through 2 different churches of available assistance inside to her, which were not enough for 1 full months supply, and sometime their shipments would come late or not at all until their next drop off but we make it work because I am still actively working. I found her using up a good amount of her rainy day supply food, which i was trying to prevent her from touching, making that last a little while, while I would just buy the groceries for her.

3 Months ago she was working but it was on a temporary position for that particular job she was given and since job placement is very slow online and off right now for her it has now landed her 2 months behind in her rent and we basically have no idea of how we are going to find the money to be able to pay off her bills, plus keeping a decent amount of food in the home. Our main concern is not letting codie experience at such a young unknowingly age what struggling is and to keep a roof over his head. I am not on here asking for anything that is unrealistic, I am simply asking for help in this area for my best friend that is in very critical need of help in her life before things get even worse for her and codie.

I am very grateful for any kind of help I receive for her in doing this, just by knowing god heard my call and can put it in the hearts of many to help people like us out in this very trying time of need that seems to be kind of out of our control right now. If helped every single donation will be going directly to Elaina’s account for her and codie because I’ve set things up that way for her to surprise her by letting her know that there are people in the world who actually do care and would help if asked. This is totally off the cuff and I am being discreet as possible and kind of keeping this help a secret until all is successful so I can show her what I’ve done for her.

She asked me not to do this, as this was a first option we had thought about when things really started to hit the fan a little more harder than before but she was to prideful at the time to even want to put herself out here to ask anyone for help out of fear of not getting any help at all. The whole time I’m noticing things really get out of hand at her home when i go by everyday. On top of things the two of us never liked getting one each others hopes up high by telling each other what we were up to or what we are going to do, we just do it. So this Is why I’m writing you on her behalf for help to create a small miracle for her and codie in their most desperate time of need.

I know for a fact she will use these blessings firstly to put food in the household for her and codie. She talked about if she had the money how she would quickly pay off her 2 months in rent due, fix and pay off the family van she was left when Johnathan passed so she can be able to move around again with codie. I know her to be very responsible & resourceful with whatever she has. I’ve know her to have been with things thus far so knowing that she will pay her household bills and living expenses is a no brainer. She does not drink she does not smoke, and she is actually very big on health. Elaina is a college graduate with no student loans or outstanding debts, thanks to her late husband. I believe that Elaina is still not fully and properly recovered from her loss like she should have been because she has all these problems afoot while trying to be a mother and keep a smile on codies tiny little face.

I really feel bad for her because she is a good person with a great heart who wants nothing but for her and her son to come out gracefully fine in this situation no matter how it happens. She is who I Know & believe would do the same for me if i were in this same position. Elaina has very strong awesome spirit, she is a real loving, and caring woman, who loves her baby boy dearly and I can see has to keep this home, because of everything invested in her work from home jobs when the getting is good with them.

I remember many times in my life she has helped me before in my times of need as well and i just want her to know I have her back just the same. She and codie are so deserving of this help, it’s painful to see codie so young and happy and he doesn’t even know what’s happening, on top of her having to prepare for when he gets a certain age to tell him about his father and why he is not present their lives is just another weight on her shoulders, I will also be there to help her overcome that as well.

If you would like to donate your help to my best friend Elaina and her little guy codie, It would definitely be most appreciated, and I would in all areas be most grateful just from your caring responses to her and what she is going through in this time of struggle.

Thank you all very, very much and god bless you all as well.

Thanks Everybody Sincerely Jennifer W.
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