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This is for J. To help raise money for Medical, moving and living Cost while getting treatment.

 As a child, 18 months old, I unfortunately drank paint thinner and spent most of my childhood in and out of the hospital in the Medical Center in Houston, TX. Throughout my years of growing up, I have had scares with possible Cancer, had scar tissue removed from my lungs, been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have just about been put through "the ringer". so to speak. Growing up, my immune system was very low and I had to be home schooled, so as not to catch any colds or normal viruses that most kids bodies can handle, that mine could not. I have had pneumonia over 30 times and each time I had to be hospitalized. As I have grown older my immune system has gotten worse, causing me to be unable to work and do daily activities, such as, getting out of bed, cooking, going outside, walking my dog and just about everything that "normal" people take for granted. When I was around 30 years old, I move to Colorado, although my move was not my decision, I moved there for a former loved one for a job change. I realized that the change in climate and altitude helped my breathing and on some days, my Fibro. After 5 years I was forced to move back to Houston, TX, and if you know anything about Houston or Texas, for that matter, you know that the summers pretty much last ALL year and the humidity is horrible. With all these factors, including the heat, I began to see that my health was slowly deteriorating back to the way it was before I lived in Colorado. The point to my story is, while living in Houston, TX I am unable to work, much less get out of bed and do normal day to day activities. I found this site, from doing many searches through Google, in order to somehow find a way to make it back to Colorado. My reasoning for wanting to go back to Colorado is not just the change in climate and altitude, but since I have been back in Houston, Colorado's Medical Centers have grown and there are several doctors there that can help me with my Fibromyalgia and Lung/Asthma problems. I am hoping that this site will be a way to help me get back to Colorado, so that I can receive the necessary medical care that I require. I am grateful for any contribution that I receive and want to hopefully have enough money to move myself safely back to Colorado. I am asking that if you are unable to contribute anything, that you please share my story on Facebook in hopes that someone will be able to help.
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