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A service dog will let me get out and about safely without having to worry! Thank you so much for your support!

Recently, my problems (mental and physical) have been getting much worse, and there are times I would feel much safer with someone to keep an eye on me. Sometimes I can be a danger to myself or others. I need someone who will be there 24/7 to make sure I'm safe.

A trained service dog is legally able to go any public place that I can, and so will always be there to keep an eye on me.

The best program I have found for training costs $1,000, plus $400 for evaluation and certification. The evaluation fee may be higher if the local evaluators charge more than standard, but I am hoping that will not be the case. I also need to cover the adoption fee for a puppy of good temperament and a large breed. Some breeds are much better for service dog work than others.

I injure myself a lot, falling down and such, and I sometimes forget to eat and have hypoglycemic episodes, vomiting and fainting spells. I sometimes hit my head pretty badly with those. I once passed out in the shower and was under cold water for over an hour before I was found, and got hypothermia. I also tend to dislocate my ankles, hips, and knees when I walk due to hypermobility, which can be very dangerous, especially with stairs. I would feel much safer knowing that the dog could get help if I fall.

My new dog will learn to pick things up for me, as I have a very hard time bending over (again with the dislocating). He'll be able to help me up and down, and help prevent a fall. He will be able to hit an emergency alert button if I do fall or faint. He'll sit with me and lick my face when I cry and whine/bark/paw at me to get my attention when I yell or get hysterical or babble incoherently. He'll break negative thought patterns and interrupt potentially dangerous or destructive behavior.

Dogs are very smart, but I just can't manage the training alone. They don't call us disabled because we're able! The program I've chosen is incredibly friendly and helpful, even though I haven't bought anything yet. They truly want to help, and that makes me glad. I've chosen training over buying a trained dog for two reasons. First, it forms a much stronger bond between the dog and I and makes for a better working relationship. Second, it costs over $20,000 less.

I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you very much for your time!

Note: I had originally thought to train my chihuahuas to help, but I got some good advice from several sources, and I've decided that it's better to get a dog large enough to prevent a fall and carry medicine. Thus, the video is out of date; I'll try to update it soon.

The pictures are of the young dogs I am considering as candidates for training as my service dog. Whichever I choose, I will name him Tasukete. It means "help me". Now you see why I'm using Japanese; it sounds pretty silly in English! But I like names to mean something.
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