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We are asking for help to recover from a total loss of our home and possessions due to fire.

In October 2015 a huge fire swept through our community.It destroyed our two acres and turned our lives upside down.
Please try to imagine what it would be like to lose everything in an instance due to no fault of your own.
Running completely out of resources and becoming a burden to your family.
This tears at our heart's on a daily basis because I lost also lost my job shortly after the fire.
We have been living on what resources we had until recently now we are broke and homeless.
Then imagine having to swallow your pride and humble yourself to everyone asking for there charity.
I am looking for another job and have faith thing's will turn around soon.Even with a job rebuilding from nothing at my age is scary to think about alone.
Please have a heart and give us a hand getting back on our feet we need you.
Any monetary donations made will be a huge Blessing to us and we will be extremely grateful.

We have some great news.We are getting a Home.Serve Wyoming is providing my Family with a trailer house. Now we are asking for your help to get it moved to our property and make repairs to our water, septic, electric etc.We are so close but it's just out of reach with your help we can see our dream come true please if you can help we really do need it.
God bless you all.
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