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This is the Griego family house fund. the funds will be used to get a home for a family in need.

I was born with a rare brain condition called Arnold Chiari malformation it is a form of spina bifid I was diagnosed when I was five I spent my child hood in pain with migraine headaches and many other symptoms I was operated on when I was seven and this helped for a short amount of time. I learned to cope and live with the pain from this condition. in 2004 I had a baby girl Amaya rose she helped me forget I was sick she is the light at the end of my dark tunnel. In 2005 Amaya became quite ill and we almost lost her I was told Amaya also has a rare condition she was borne with a choledochal cyst she was operated on in 2005 and has spent a good amount of time in and out of hospitals. though she is doing good now that she is eight she will live with the effects of her condition she at high risk of getting stomach cancer and all her Intestines and Digestive System are all re routed she sometimes has a hard time with her Intestines and gets blocked up. She is at high risk for being inpacked and getting a blockage. we live in a small town and there has been times she gets flown out to a bigger city this is one reasion why I can not get a job in fear I might have to pick up and leave out of town for the time being amaya has been doing quit well thank god but now it is me who has been quit ill I live most days with migraine headaches and other symptoms I am most likely going to have another brain operation due to scar tissue and spinal fluid build up my future is unknown with Arnold Chiari I can face losing my ability to be mobile I could very well end up with Paralysis on top of it all I am a single mother with two kids Amaya and her younger brother Christian. I am on the HUD program with this program I am able to rent a three bedroom house and the Government pays a portion of my rent right now me and my kids are homeless living with family till we can find a house but most people wont rent through HUD because there is bad rep and not only that most houses are to expensive for the HUD program. I hate the fact that I have to depend on the Government I feel like I am letting my kids down but at the time there is no way I can do this on my own. I would love to own my own house for me and my kids a place to call our own would be nice. The future is unknown for me and my kids right now but we do have God in our heart and we have come this far we never lose hope.
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