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Please help Rocky raise the money he needs to get his daughter back. He loves his baby girl so much!

Please help Rocky raise the money he needs to get his daughter back. Brianna is only 3 years old but when she was only 2 she opened up about her Papa (great-grandpa) sexually abusing her. Between cps and the court system his daughter is living at the same house as her accused preditor, her mother who has failed many drug test and her uncle who has been diagnosed with mental illnesses. He loves his baby girl so much and he just wants her to be safe. He needs her and she needs him. This is a time in a babys life where it is very important to be around people that love her and want to take care of her. We have got to get her out of the situation she is in and bring her home safe to her daddy! Do this for Bri-Bri!

My daughter is now 3 years old. When she was born she was taken from me because there were drugs found in her and her mother's system. At that time, CPS gave her to my Ex's maternal grandparents. Since then I have seen my daughter every chance I could (when the great grandparents allowed me to). I have done all of the things CPS has asked me to do. In April 2011 my mother called me saying that Brianna had told her that her "Papa" had been "kissing her there". We took her to the Texas Children's Hospital. They did exams and discovered that there could have been some sexual abuse and said she needed counseling. That same day, CPS told me that I had all my rights and there was no reason why I could not take her home with me that day to live with me, my girlfriend and her 2 young sons. This was very shocking to me because the whole 3 years I had been told by the great grandparents that the CPS case was still going on and that I was still not able to have MY DAUGHTER. I believed them because I really trusted they would do the right thing. I was soon served with custody papers. The great grandparents were wanting to take my daughter from me!
On June 14, 2011 we went to court. The judge ordered mediation and CPS said I had to take Bri back to the great grandparents until the hearing was over because they said the molestation charges were found inconclusive according to their "phone investigation". NOT NEGATIVE! Per CPS, they didn't know me well enough to say I could keep my daughter with me. Maybe that's because they would never return my calls or contact me to find out why I was never around because I'm sure that is what the great grandparents told them when they contacted them. That same day, the great grandparents lawyer ordered my daughter's mother and I to take a hair drug test. I passed mine! I have passed every drug test given by CPS. Her mother however, failed. She tested positive for meth! Her mother has gone 6 months at a time without seeing Bri. SO.... my baby girl is in a house with her great grandparents, the great grand-dad who had been accused of molesting her, her drug addict mother and lets not leave out her uncle who has been diagnosed with mental illnesses. He lives right across the hall from Bri's room!
I have a good job, a nice house and I just don't understand how the great grandparents living situation is safer for my daughter than mine. CPS has been nothing but rude and it seems like they were on the great grandparent's side the whole time. When we went to court in July 2011 we were told that we would have to come back because I had not done a psych evaluation (doesn't that go against my Constitutional right?) and parenting class. I work 5 1/2 days a week and I was under the impression that CPS was going to send me somewhere. Well... a week before the last court date she tells me that the class is to be paid for by me where ever i choose. FINE!!!!
On August 23,2011 we went to court with fingers crossed that the judge would see through the great grandparents and give my daughter to me so I could protect her from all the crazy physical and mental abuse. That was not the case. The CPS worker testified against me. FOR WHAT? SHE NEVER TOOK THE TIME TO GET TO KNOW ME! I did everything she asked. I had even signed up for parenting class and took the psych evaluation she had requested. I have a possession of marijuana charge back when i was a teenager (I'm 30 now) and have never been in trouble other than that. BUT... CPS has requested that I take anger management, domestic violence classes, drug rehab classes. The parenting class I signed up for was not good enough because it was a 4 hour class. I thought it would fit great with my work schedule. They want me to take an 8 week course. In the meantime, my baby girl is in danger and I am ordered to pay for every class I have to take, every 3rd party supervisor for my visitation and over $300 a month in child support. The great grandparents are very well off when it comes to money and I'm not saying that I shouldn't pay for my daughter but there is no reason why I shouldn't be the one raising her. All of my Constitutional Rights have been violated by CPS and by the judge whom has allowed all of this! I need help. My daughter is in danger and I fear that she will suffer physical and the worst case on mental abuse if she stays with the great grandparents, her mother and crazy uncle. The great grandparents have yet to raise 1 child who didn't grow up with mental problems or drug addictions. Please help me. My baby girl needs me and I need her. This is just not right! I thought CPS and the law was put in place to protect our kids!
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