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You would never want to see someone suffereing as much as i see my boyfriend suffer. he doesnt have insurance and he doesnt have an legal papers. hes an illegal immigrant and for that reason nobody wants to help him. he also has no money.

My boyfriend, Ermis Yanes, was diganoised with sarcoma cancer about a year ago. Before that he would complain everyday how his leg was killing him. we went to multiple hospitals but it seemed like nobody wanted to help him. Everybody would tell him a different story. One doctor said it was an "ingrown hair" another said it was big "muscule tissue." everyday that went by it got worse adn worse. One day he couldnt take the pain anymoer and i drove him to the hospital around 10pm. He didnt get home Until 5am that morning. they ran CAT scans and told him he Sarcoma cancer. They told him that the tumor was 17 cms big AKA 6 inches big, they also said if he doesnt get help soon that he will die within 6 months. They told him after that since he didnt have any insurance or any papers that they could no longer help him. We went to almost every hospital in the world it seemed like before anybody would take him.  We finally went to Queens Hospital Center and they said they would help him becasue his condition was bad. I started crying that moment, it felt like everything that was lifted off my shoulders. i couldnt take all the pressure.. i cant imagine my life without him. its hard when nobody wants to help you and crying out for help. every doctor just kept pushing him away. Right now Ermis is taking his 6th session of chemotherapy. he has been on Chemotherapy for about 8 months and his tumor lost 3 cms. they say if they do surgary that he could lose his whole leg. they need to do more chemotherapy but they are not sure if he will survive it. we have no more money. he currently has about 30$ in his wallet. we need help, we can no longer afford to live like this.

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