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I lost my husband after a long illness in October 2015. Now myself and my Autistic so are own our own and starting over in a new place.

This was my third loss. My two daughters preceded him in death in 2007 and 2011. I have a son who is Autistic also. After my husband's death, I had to leave our place so in December 2015 I decided to move with my son to where I had one daughter still living. I had to leave all my belongings in a storage and had planned to come back for them but nothing worked out so I became homeless. I just found a place finally but I don't have any money left for food or furnishings and for us. We need a couple of beds at least. This is not something I would normally do but I am feeling a little desperate because I want my son to have a comfortable place to live. He is not himself for a while band I ask hoping to get some things he was used to before to help him to feel better. He loved his computer. We also need a refrigerator and a television so he can watch his favorite HGTV shows.
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