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Help Olivia grow Strong and Straight. Thank you and God Bless.

For those who don’t know - Olivia was diagnosed with scoliosis 3 years ago at age 7. We were told to wait and see how it would progress and that there was no other treatment options. While we did try to seek other options nothing we saw was specific to Olivia’s condition. Olivia’s curve started to progress more rapidly in the past year and by August of 2014 her curve was at 64 degrees. Her spine surgeon said surgery (which means placing rods in her back and fusing 70% plus of her spine) was the only option. We began to do more research and consult with other doctors.

We were referred to a clinic that specializes in a conservative, non-surgical treatment regimen that has shown positive results for many young children like Olivia. (

During our initial visit at the treatment center we discovered that within the last 3 months Olivia’s curve had progressed another 24 degrees to 88 degrees. Her spine is also rotating into her lung cavity which can affect her breathing. The extreme shift of her rib cage can also cause damage to her heart and kidneys.

As many know Olivia is a very happy, very social, very confident, vibrant and funny 10 year old.  Olivia loves running, jumping, skipping, dancing and swimming. She is very active and very out-going. Olivia is an accomplished Girl Scout, dancer, drummer, general entertainer and Captain of her dance team.

All of Olivia’s current activities will be sharply curtailed or eliminated completely while her body is being retrained physically and mentally to reduce the curve and rotation in her spine.

Olivia needs to start an intensive treatment program immediately to stop the curve progression and help reduce or eliminate her need for surgery in the future. The treatment program should also help reduce or eliminate the possibility of organ damage to lungs, heart and kidneys. The goal is to get Olivia out of the ‘surgical range’ and to a point where she can return to the activities that make her happy – dancing, cartwheels, running, swimming and skipping through the day.

As the treatment center is 125 miles from home we are fortunate to have family we can stay with and loan us a car for the daily visits to the treatment center. The initial phase is a 2 week intensive program followed by home therapy with a 1 week intensive treatment program every 3 months for the first year. Insurance coverage is limited and the first year out-of-pocket costs for the program total approximately $50k for diagnostics, treatment, and home therapy equipment.  

Our immediate need to start the program is $10k to cover the costs of a custom brace and scoliosis traction chair along with another $5k to cover the cost of the first 2 weeks of intensive therapy. 

Any help you can provide in the form of Donation, Encouragement or Spreading the Word is greatly appreciated.

Olivia’s Family

Olivia has an older sister Emily. Emily plays the flute. Olivia can sometimes be seen dancing to Emily’s flute renditions of Olivia’s favorite movie songs. Emily also serenades Olivia from time to time while she is doing her homework. Emily is a runner and also participates in an after school fitness program. Emily’s training and skills will come in handy when we she is helping Olivia with her home exercise program down the road.

Debbie (Olivia’s Mom) works for a staffing company and puts people to work every day and helps the businesses they go to keep customers happy. Debbie enjoys a wide variety of projects with the girls and even started Emily’s first Girl Scout Troop. Debbie keeps tabs on all of the training and rehearsal schedules so Olivia and Emily can perform at their best. When not running schedules Debbie might be teaching the girls to bake and sew, make A+ projects for school or take them to the park or on a bike ride. They also enjoy an occasional day at the movies which includes a large bucket of popcorn to share.

Michael (Olivia’s Dad) is an Outside Sales Rep, but has been off work a lot during 2013/2014 due to neck and back injuries sustained during an auto accident in 2013. Michael’s activities have mostly been centered on rehabilitation for his neck and back. He was an avid runner, cyclist, swimmer.and drummer. The lap pool has been a god send - great for Michael’s physical therapy needs and also gave him some quality time with Olivia and Emily. Both girls are both excellent swimmers and love the water.

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