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The family and friends of Pamela Denise Barkley are uniting to raise funds to take some of the medical and related expenses off her plate.

Here is a wonderful mother who just wants to live. She has no insurance and an unforgiving disease, Gastroparesis. She has raised thousands of dollars for many organizations herself before she fell ill. This 32 year old woman has spent 10 years of her life bringing people into her home to try and make an impact on their lives for the better. Last June she fell so ill that by October she could not even walk on her own anymore. She had had to fight doctors, insurance companies and even our government to try and receive quality health care, all to no avail. Now that she is being seen and treated by some of the worlds best doctors, her family can no longer afford to pay for the VERY expensive health care. She is undergoing MANY test now so the doctors can try and pin what is causing her many new symptoms. She and her family have to travel weekly an hour and half away for this care. This disease is painful and deadly, yet few people even know what it is. She, on her good days, write to advocate for awareness so noone suffers the way she has. Below is just one of her postings. Selfless, as sick as she is she just wants to keep anyone from suffering the way she has.

I am not anorexic, yet I sometimes choose not to eat because I am afraid of food. I am not bulemic, yet if you spent one day with me you would swear I was because of how often I throw up. I am not sick because I was depressed, yet I am depressed now that I am so sick. People tell me I am so strong, yet I cry in pain daily; sometimes all day. I am not anti-social, yet people seeing me this sick is not something I want. I am not ashamed, nor do I feel I owe anyone an apology when I am not feeling well, yet I have been labelled. I am not a drug addict, yet I rely heavily on very common drugs just to open my eyes, the same things many people abuse. I don't have bad hygiene, yet my hair has lost it's luster, breaks and falls out. I am white as a Vampire, and my clothes don't fit because nothing was designed to be worn by a skeleton. I am not angry, yet I get angry when I hear the following: I wish I could be as small as you, I wish I had your disease for just one day, oh my favorite you look good today so you must be feeling better. I am not sad I have GP because I have finally accepted my disease. Yet, I am sad at the lack of awareness doctor's have. I have never put a needle in ANY part of my body, yet I am judged by the black and blue marks left by the doctors and nurses. I am not ashamed, nor do I need to apoligize because I didn't do this to myself. I overheard a man telling his partner he agreed she could lose weight; just not to the point she looked like me with track marks. I was being judged and the whole time I was thinking, wow she looks good and I wish I had that weight on me. Sometimes when you see me smiling and then I walk away, it's because I am hurting and don't want anyone else's good time to be disrupted. I have a deep devotion to my family, yet I can often only be there if NO triggers are present or if it's important, I push myself and am down for days following. I HAVE GASTROPARESIS! I WANT TO LIVE! I WANT TO BE A GREAT MOMMA AND WIFE AGAIN! What is hard is knowing that 5M people suffer just like me. That is a lot of people huh? To me it is! There is a way you can help us. Will you? Will you educate yourselves at and inbox me or like this status so I can tell you how? We need numbers, all 5M of us speaking hasn't worked. However, all 5M have friends. We need, desperately need people to help us raise awareness. Did you know that due to how badly we are treated by the medical community many of our specialist order home IV Therapy so that we can avoid the triggers of hospitals full of judgemental people? It will only take a minute of your time, but will aide in giving us back the opportunity to get back some of the minutes we've already lost with our loved ones. It's very easy to do if everyone would just think about helping. We need numbers to speak to congressional members all over America. We even have a website that will help, digestive health alliance (DHA). The more people that help, the better chance we have of saving millions of lives right here in AMERICA! I am starving to death, yet I LOVE food and don't want to be. So in preparation to our day in Washington, I am asking will you all help me raise awareness to the appropriate people by just being a voice? If so, again please just like this or inbox me. In the next few week's, I will respond to EVERYONE individually to lead them in the right direction. We can do this, just as was done with Kony, we can use our voices and save MANY lives. We currently have no cure and very poor symptom management treatments. We really are alone because our government will not recognize this disease. Our only hope is voices convincing congressional memebers that this is no way anyone should have to live just because they refuse to fund research for awareness and treatment options. AIDS, Cancer even addiction has funding, so why do 5M people not deserve the same right? Why would we not be afforded the same opportunity to live WELL? If its the power of voices in numbers they need, will you help us? Would it help your decision if I told you that right now the only thing approved by FDA is a HUMANITARIAN device? Topping that, blue cross won't even pay for it without years of appeals for most? Think about it, let me, g-pact or DHA know and we will show you how incredibly easy it is. Isn't it worth it to know a child won't suffer and can be a child, a mother can be a mom, a dad a father, a sister be a sister, brother a brother? Or would it help to just know you would be giving us all the greatest gift of all; to just LIVE! Thank you all for taking the time to read and consider all I have said. It's time America, let's take back our right to be proud of that.
Pamela Denise Barkley

We will not give up on this woman who we believe can change the world. Her family and friends have rallied around to make sure of that. She had a doctor that told her to quit praying for miracles, yes she cried. Moments later she said, one day he will apologize for saying that. As relentless as this disease is, so is Denise and anytime a doctor turns her away for not having insurance anymore, she fights. She fights for her family, her friends, for others like her and now she is fighting for her life. Thank you all for taking the time to read this,
The Barkley Family
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