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Ashley Moser was a victim of the Aurora, CO mass shooting on Friday July,20th Please donate here or at wells fargo.

I see people viewing but it looks like your skeptical about donating to some unknown source. My name is Raymond Fuller and I am an Environmental Scientist. I am supporting Ashley Moser because she needs as much help as she can get. There is an official account at wells fargo. I am just trying to raise as much as I can to bring her a check she is not expecting in a few months. I will hand deliver it. You can call me at 719-646-6468.

This is a reply from Ashleys family. I asked for permission to use a photo and to keep this running and here is what they said.

"Hi Raymond - thank you so much for reaching out to us. We really appreciate that you were moved to set up a fund in Ashley's honor. We are touched to have others raising money for the same fund: Donation Account for Ashley and Veronica Moser. As long as the money you raise is going to that official fund you are welcome to raise it. It is a rare and wonderful thing to have people like you in the world, upset by a tragedy and moved to action."

"We appreciate that you have used a picture that is already out there in the media. That's fine. We love the idea that you'll have the messages printed out on a card for Ashley. The best thing now is to move forward with your plan, then contact us through this e-mail when you are ready to donate the money. Things are changing with procedures day by day since Ashley is recovering, and we so appreciate that you reached out to us. You may also want to check out Aurora City's page, which has some links for helping and sharing what you are doing:"


Ashley's Cousins"

Ashley Moser is a victim of the mass shooting that took place at a movie theater in Aurora, CO this month. Ashley survived but is paralyzed. To make matters worse she was with her 6yr old daughter that night who sadly didnt make it. Ashley and her daughter went out that night to relieve some stress after the hardships they were dealing with. Ashley's father had recently died leaving behind medical bills. Ashley was living off of student aid. She does not have insurance. I set up this fund because not only did she lose her daughter that night but that creep also stole her freedom. My goal is to raise enough money to not only pay for the mounds of medical bills but to possibly help support Ashley for awhile with anything her heart may come to desire someday. Not only did James Holmes the suspect steal her beautiful child but stole her freedom to walk freely like most of us. To go where we want and to live our dreams. I just want to help Ashley's "destiny" be a little less painful. And maybe after healing, a little bit of fun.

I updated the beneficiary to Ashley Moser, I want to present the check to her personally to tell her how brave she is and that there are millions of people like us who are behind her 100%. Never give up hope!

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