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Iam awaiting almost three years to see the orthopedic specialists to finally exam me do a actual MRI and surgery.No money put waiting list.

My name is Donna M Zamora.Since I got pregnant in the year 2008.All my problems started let me explain I had no support emotional and financial support from her father.I was all alone threw my pregnancy. MySpace employment was fully aware of my pregnancy but around my sixth month they determined me for unjustifiable reason.What makes matters worse is my boss was a women.She knew perfectly well adding more stress to a pregnancies women hurts me. She was already a mother her self.I had no choice but go and apply for unemployment. I feel because am going threw pregnancy alone and lost my job I started worrying more and stressful.No more than a month after being terminated I go alone to the hospital and never imagine to ever have a emergency C section that day.Why because my blood pressure was so high they injected me to lower my blood pressure but unfortunately it effected my child's heart which was dropping her heart rate.Without not experience pregnancy first and last child I only have her.They the doctors told you must have surgery today June 9 2009 I explained its not possible i'm 7 months they explained if you don't have emergency c section you and your child will die. This way we save you and hopefully your child too.But if not then you will live and your might die but. Not have emergency surgery today you both will die we want to save you both or hopefully one of you or child.She was 3lbs 9 ounce.Her name JULIA LYNN ZAMORA.After her arrival my health wasn't the same I hospital sized for nearly two weeks heart problems and toxicimia.Once I let out of hospital I couldn't walk I figured my pregnancy but time passed got worse up until almost a year ago they found bone spurs on my knees. My child just turned 3 because of my knees its difficult for to be employed I must take medication but still in pain its just not bad.But time passed I lost two of my cars my place and currently live in a small place for some kind friends. My family hardly helps and her dad not in our life.Please we need your help its a huge surgery but we lost over three years of what is suppose to be a wonderful time of our life a baby but it isn't because I can't take my child to Disneyland can't afford it and barely can walk.I need this operation to get up on my feet and get a job and do and provide better for this SINGLE MOTHER.I applied even for supplement security income and disability was denied and awaiting for a letter to face a judge for my health problems. I am not wanting or trying to screw our government help for people that need and end up taking it for granted that the tax payers pay for it. PLEASE HELP US ANY INFORMATION IF YOU TO BACK UP MY PROBLEMS I CAN SUPPLY IT IN ACTUAL DOCUMENTS BY CURRENT DOCTOR. THANK-YOU ALL GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP LOVE DONNA AND JULIA LYNN
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