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This money is for hospital,doctors, and medicine. Please help me if you can and may God bless you. Thank you.

Hello my name is Larry Grant Forrester. I would like to tell you the reason that I'm using the giveforward website. Thirteen years ago I had my very first heart attack and since then I have had three more. One of the reasons I am using the giveforward website is because in July 2009 I was declared disabled. I had to have a pacemaker/ dfibulator placed. I have alot of heart damage but they really didn't know the extent of the damage until this year. I found out in May 2011 that I had prostate cancer. I elected to have the radiation seeds implanted in my prostate. The doctors aren't sure if the radiation caused me to have more heart damage or if I already had the damage and no one had caught it yet. Also this year they found out that I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor 5. That means I can and do get blood clots real easy. I have to take an injection of blood thinner every morning. I have to take 11 different medications every day. Being that I am disabled the only insurance I have is Medicare. Well we all know that the federal government has cut Medicare to where it doesn't really help you at all. I hate having to get on here and ask for help but my little check I get each month just don't go very far. I had to move back home last year after I had my open heart surgery cause I had to have help just getting around. I am very thankful for my parents because they have helped me when no others would. God had a plan for me and now I know what it was. My dad had a massive stoke on April first and if I hadn't been here we might not have him today so yes I truly believe God wanted me here to help my dad. Now since he has been home from the hospital there is no way my mother could handle him by herself. She didn't want to put him in a nursing home and I don't blame her. No one is perfect and anyone who knows my dad either liked him or just tolerated him but he has been humbled from this stroke. He is not the same person as he was before the stoke. My mother had to quit her job at Farm Bureau where she had been there for 33 1/2 years to stay home and take care of him. So I guess people are wondering where I am going with all this, Me and my dad both are on disability and my mom on social security our money don't go very far. It takes just about all we make to live on and buy medicine. We don't have anything extra to pay on hospital bills. I don't have any extra money every month after I buy my medicine and pay what little bills I do have. Now since Jan when my Medicare went into effect It's hard to pay for hospital bills and my medicine. That's why I am on give forward asking for help to try and pay some of these bills. I have been threatened by a couple of hospitals that if I didn't start paying on my bills they would just go get it out of my check. That is the reason I am on here asking for help. Trust me it hurts my pride to beg for help. One of my friends on Facebook, Melissa Tanglin got me set up on this website and I thank God everyday for her help and support. I pray to God everyday that he gives me one more day that I feel better and don't have to goto the hospital. In 14 years since I had my first heart attack at the age of 30 I have learned to never take anything for granted.
I have never been very open with my relationship with God till now and between having cancer and now finding out that I am going to have to have a heart transplant if one comes available. If it wasn't for God I don't know how I would have made it this far. My faith gets stronger each and every day. I know a bunch of you will see were I posted this website to your wall but the amount money needed has changed. My life is an open book and I don't mind showing anyone the bills as to where the money will be going. I know this is a bad time to be asking for money with the way the economy is and people without work. If I could have just one wish. It would be for my hospital and doctor bills be paid and my dad to get better. It’s really hard for me to see him in the shape that he is in. He don't talk unless someone else says something first. We have not always gotten along but we have met in the middle a bunch of times. Well I said one wish so I guess that three. I just truly want to live a normal peaceful life. I want to grow old and watch my children grow older and one day have grand children. My prayer to you is if you feel God has touched your heart with my story then please give. It don't matter if it's 1 dollar or what ever you can spare. I have made the decision that I want to get Gods word out to people and let them know that miracials do happen every day because I am living proof of that. On Dec. 29th I had my first stroke. I was sent to Skyline hospital. The Neurosurgeon was unable to a clot busting procedure because my stroke was in a small vessel so they upped my blood thinner and thought with time I would regain most of my movement and speech. Well they sent me home on Friday Dec 30th and on Dec 31st I was air lifted to ST Thomas with another stroke. I had lost my speech and movement on my left side. After running a bunch of scans they said it was a TIA which is where a vessel burst in your brain. They have me on some very powerful and expensive medicine. On Dec 14th I was sent back to ST Thomas for the same thing. I continue to have trouble with my speech and these TIA's. They are not able to do a MRI because of my device to try and determine where these clots are coming from. Until they are able to find out why all this is going all I can do is keep going to the hospital. It cost me 65.00 dollars just to goto the ER and then if they admit me it cost me 275.00 per day that I am in the hospital. That's the reason I need so much help. My check that I get for being disabled is just a little over a 1000.00 dollars a month. With my bills and meds and fuel to goto the doctor I have to get money from my mom just to help me out. I plead with you that if you have any spare change or anything please help. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. I want to thank my church family for everything they have done to help and to Pastor Willie for the visits to hospital and to the TN High School Rodeo association for there support. I do have a company ( ACS ) out of Dallas TX that has said any money I raise on here they will match it. So I'm just asking if you can help me in any way please do. Thank you and May God bless each and everyone of you who has read my story wether you give or not. I just ask you to follow your heart and do what you feel is right. Trust me, don't take life for granted because we are not promised a tomorrow. Just live your life for today and tomorrow will take care of it's self.I know some of you don't like using the internet to make donations but if you had rather mail them you can send them to Larry Grant Forrester 6719 Bold Springs RD McEwen TN 37101. May God bless you and thank you for reading my story.
Larry Grant Forrester
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