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Puss-In-Boots Sheldon and his family need your help! Funds raised go directly to help pay his emergency surgery bill.

'Boots joined our family in 2005.

We lived on Hill AFB, UT at the time and just got orders to PCS to Ramstein AB, Germany.
While we were moving we had left the door open as we were carrying things out, when my husband looked on the computer chair and there sat a little orange kitten. He went to put him back outside, and 'Boots responded by purring and giving us the 'Sad Kitty Look' of his namesake's character from 'Shrek'.
He had found his home.

'Boots has always been the most friendly, well-behaved and tolerant animal we have ever had. No matter what species- cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds or highly energetic children, he loves them all...never scratches, hisses or growls, even when being ill-handled or rough-housed; loves sleeping on the kid's and our bed, taking turns throughout the night with each one; plays with the other cats, tearing through the house like little furry whirlwinds; pinning the dog, JericoLee, down gently while mewing softly and 'washing' his face as if he were his kitten, even though JericoLee is now 4 times bigger than 'Boots! He loves taking naps beside the dog in the sun. Then he sits in the window waiting for the kids to get home from school. He has never had any house-training issues, and rarely ever scratches on funiture, though he DOES have one VERY BAD HABIT...he has a penchant for eating string, dust bunnies and apparently other small objects...
today, our 'Boots nearly died.

He had been hiding quietly under our daughter's bed. He didn't come out to play with the other animals and kids as usual. He finally came out after much pleading from us, staggering and stumbling as he weakly mewed, his eyes glazed.

We rushed him to the vet.

An xray revealed he had swallowed foreign objects that had become lodged and perforated his stomach. Had it not been for the emergency surgery to remove the foreign objects and resection part of his stomach that had become necrotic, he would not be with us now.

We ask you to PLEASE help us, even if only a little, every bit would be so greatly appreciated!
All donations go directly to paying the bill for Puss-In-Boots' surgery.

Even if you can't afford to donate, PLEASE pass this along to anyone you can!

At the end of the fundraiser, any excess amount will be donated to other charities.

Thank You in Advance for Your Generosity,
The Sheldon Family
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