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Please help Hawkeye pay his hospital expenses!! I know it's a long read, but please hear us out!!

Hawkeye is an 8 year old tabby, with a herpes infection in both eyes. That's under control with his medication, but he also has a life threatening condition known as Pyothorax. Pyothorax basically means that he has pus forming in his chest cavity that is slowly crushing his lungs. It can be caused by an infection due to a puncture wound from a fight with another cat or a foreign body that made its way into his chest.

My family and I had noticed that he wasn't eating, drinking water, using his litter box, or trying to get outside for the past couple of days, so we took him to our vet where he took some preliminary tests and found the fluid, or pus, in his chest. He then referred us to a 24 hour emergency facility to see a specialist.

The specialist confirmed that it is indeed Pyothorax and that he would need at least five days in the hospital with chest tubes flushing him out and antibiotics being administered to him. The cost for five days in this hospital and the procedure is close to $5000, upfront. And due to the trouble breathing Hawkeye has already, we needed to get him help immediately.

Now a bit about my family. We have recently declared bankruptcy. Three out of four of us are unemployed. So $5000 isn't a very realistic number for us to reach.

The staff told us about something called Credit Care. It's pretty much a credit card we can apply for and pay the fees then and there and pay back with interest. Unfortunately as I said before, my family filed for bankruptcy so my parents can't apply for a credit card, so I had to. We were only approved for $500.

Luckily, our doctor was able to work out a deal with the hospital director. We charged the $500 we were approved for so Hawkeye can stay for about two days to get the immediate attention that he needs. If he shows signs of improvement, they'll let him stay the rest of the five days he needs and they'll let us use a payment plan to pay the costs, but the monthly payments will most likely still be too much for us to handle. If he doesn't show immediate signs of improvement, they'll discharge him and the next course of action would be to put him to sleep. If it’s the latter, then we would like to have the money to keep Hawkeye there the full five days to give him a fighting chance.

What hurts most about having to put him to sleep is that the doctor told us that Pyothorax is a very treatable condition, and for us to have to euthanize him just because we couldn't afford it is something I would never be able to forgive myself for. I have known this cat longer than I have my best friend. Hawkeye IS my best friend. The bond I have with Hawkeye is so much stronger than the ones I've had with other cats in the past. Ever since we found out about his eye condition, I've been the one paying for his medication and I've been the one applying his medication every day and every night for the past five years.

Here's a small break down: $500+ - Credit Care
$4500 - Remainder of the hospital stay

There is a small chance that he might require surgery if the doctor does find a foreign body in his chest cavity in which case I will open an additional fundraiser, but let's hope and pray it doesn't come to that. Unfortunately $5000 is a lot to ask for in such a short amount of time, so please spread this around to everyone you know and please see it in your hearts to help Hawkeye have a chance at another 8 healthy years!

Please email me if you have any more questions, I can give the phone number of the hospital and a copy of the estimate/invoice.
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