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Doug is in urgent need of a very specialized surgery from an inguinal hernia repair performed September of 2012 that went terribly wrong.

For over three years now Doug has been living with constant debilitating & life changing pain since the 4th day after his operation and has since developed severe life threatening complications. Doug is in urgent need of this specialized surgery to remove all the mesh that has disintegrated & moved throughout his body's organs ever since his inguinal hernia repair was performed. 

His family and friends have watched Doug go from a very active spiritual man, full of life and always giving to others, to a man who can barely move without being struck with piercing pain in his groin and abdominal area, with intense nerve pain down into his right leg. Doug has been unable to work or function normally since the hernia repair went wrong and without this surgery his condition continues to worsen daily. 

As difficult as it is for us; we are asking for your support to raise funds to pay for Doug's specialized surgery & medical expenses. On behalf of Doug's life, for his daughter and his family who need him; Please help Doug return to a life void of this daily debilitating pain which has also been a constant reminder of all he has lost.

Doug has been fighting for medical assistance non-stop, exhausting every option; searching and asking multiple doctors for answers or to just help him. But within the first year after his surgery, Doug lost his healthcare coverage and without any insurance, doctors would no longer see him at all. During the initial time period following his surgery, Doug was told "everything you are feeling is to be expected" - "it is all the normal process of recovery and it could take up to a year to heal completely" These were sadly, words from his surgeon who didn't want to deal with the issues at hand or admit there were serious complications. He lied to Doug multiple times, as did several other Dr's and complete recovery never happened due to the mesh moving around inside of his groin area & intestines without any attention or care. Then as the mesh started to disintegrate, spreading mesh fibers throughout his internal organs causing life threatening complications & nerve damage. The pain has become more and more unbearable for Doug. But what has become even more unbearable is the harsh reality that we as family & friends have come to face; Doug's condition will not improve without the mesh being removed and we simply cannot afford the surgery. 

We sincerely thank you in advance for whatever amount you may be able to give. If you are unable to give, please keep Doug in your prayers; praying for the generosity of many contributions so Doug may move forward with this specialized mesh removal surgery. 

Please help us by not only making a contribution, no matter what the amount, but please "Like" - "Follow" and or send his fundraiser to your friends on Facebook or any other social networks you might belong to. You can also read Doug's story in more detail, within an aritcle written about him by a former FOX News journalist in November 2014 that went National. Feel free to share them both within your network of contacts, family, friends & co-workers. It is under the "Related Links" section to the right of this page. 

Thank you all for your time, for your prayers and your financial contributions for Doug's life saving surgery.

Love, light and inspired blessings to one and all.

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