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Simon's mommy is raising money to help pay for surgery to help give him many more happy, healthy years to share. Please show your support!

We need your help desperately.....

My 9 year old Maltese, Simon has been a source of so much joy & love in his lifetime. There are many days where he is my only companion and confidant. Through some darker, trying times in life, he gave me a reason to get up and keep going. He has given so much, and asked only for love in return.

Simon has a bladder stone that has become lodged in his urethra. It cannot be dissolved, and must be surgically removed. I have been given an early estimate $2000 for surgery, not including any follow-up care. Without this surgery, he will eventually lose his ability to urinate and empty his bladder, which will cause it to rupture. This is a life-threatening ailment that must be treated as soon as possible.

To the outside world, or to anyone that does understand what it means to love and be loved by a dog, Simon may be just another dog. But to me....he is a reason to find joy in even the worst of days. Comfort when I am sad, "kisses" when I am mad. After a long day of work, he is waiting with his tail wagging, ready to play fetch with his worn out tennis ball.

Just getting to this diagnosis has been terribly expensive. I am simply streched beyond what I can do financially for him. I have already had to let some monthly bills go unpaid. Simon and I need your help so that he can have this surgery and enjoy many many more games of fetch and share kisses with his mommy.

I applied for creditcare to help alleviate some of these costs, but we have maxed it out just to get to this diagnosis.

SIMON MUST HAVE THIS SURGERY BEFORE HIS URETHRA BECOMES TOTALLY BLOCKED, BECAUSE HE WOULD THEN NEED IMMEDIATE EMERGENCY SURGERY!!! I HAVE BEEN TOLD ONCE IT IS TOTALLY BLOCKED, HE MUST HAVE THE SURGERY RIGHT AWAY OR HE WILL NOT SURVIVE VERY LONG AT ALL. If I cannot raise the money before then, I will not be able to pay for an emergency surgery. I could not bear my Simon passing on, knowing I could have helped him if only I'd been able to pay for surgery!


"The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have
In this selfish world, The one that never deserts him,
The one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog…He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer…
When all other friends desert, he remains."
George G. Vest: Speech U.S. Senate, 1884
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