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Help The Messer family get Finnley the care she needs... Make sure you come to the family event on July 31st to celebrate Finnley's life and to help raise some money for her pool!

Finnley Kate is a beautiful 2 year-old angel. This is her story (at least my version of her story).

We have known the Messers for probably a dozen years and have had the privilige to be a part of their lives. If you know them you know that they are two of the most generous, selfless, and charitable people you will ever come across. They have touched many of our lives for good and constantly contribute much to our community. We have watched as this family has gone through trial after trial. We have felt the anguish through the last three of Care's six miscarriages; got to be there when their first child, sweet Angie, at age five, joined their family through adoption. In the past few years the challenges have come at them in pretty rapid succession, only two of which are Paul lost his job then they lost their home. The bright light during this time was the fact that Care had gotten pregnant again and carried the baby to term. Finnley Kate was born February 24th 2008.

Very quickly, the midwife realized there was something not quite right and the new little family was rushed off to Children's Hospital. The details of the next few days can be found here Nobody said life is fair but this may be one of the most cruel cosmic ironies that we've ever witnessed. Three days later the 'experts' sent Finnley home in her parents arms to die. With an undiagnosed brain injury, Care and Paul were told that their baby would probably not live through the night. But she did live through the night, and the next night, and the next.

For the past two years, this amazing family has fought every day to not only keep Finnie alive, but to get her to thrive. As every penny they have goes into trying to keep their family fed and housed, they have very little left over for anything but the basic care for the baby. 

That is where the pool comes in. For some reason, Finnley adores water and it is a huge motivator for her. Water is the perfect enviroment to help her learn to use her muscles and to stimulate the brain. Finn has been getting the majority of her exercise in an oversized portable bathtub. She comes alive in the water and really uses her core and legs to propel her body. Once she started getting blisters on the side of her feet from rubbing the edge on the tub (because she has gotten so tall) they had to seek another alternative. Last summer she developed her core muscles and increased her balance from going to the community pool three to four times a week. Because of the nature of Care's new job - going to the pool is now impossible. Her therapist suggested that they look into a pool for their home and get her into it as much as possible. Working in water - she will automatically get more resistance for her muscles because of the water pressure. The water therapy has been proven to develop brain to muscle memory in brain damaged patients. They can developed balance and coordination in water environments because it allows you to feel no weight - thus allowing the body to relax and open up. Her neck control will only increase because of the natural instinct to keep her face out of the water. That skill will carry over in learning to sit with her head up while balancing. Her doctor also feels that more exercise will finally allow her to sleep through the night (which after two years, Mom and Dad would LOVE). The pool will also be kept in the garage because the special diet she is on allows for little or no sugar intake. Did you know that sun screen contains sugars and those sugars are absorbed through the skin?!  

The urgency lies in the fact that the sooner Finnely reaches certain milestones, holding her head up, sitting up, etc, the more promising her future physical abilities become.

This is where you come in...

We have been taught that we should 'think globally but act locally'. So that is the idea behind this fundraiser. Every little bit will help us to collect our goal amount of $10,000.00 to get Finnley her pool and to give this family the hope and tools they need to provide the best possible life for their blessed miracle.  Finnley's birth and brave battle reminds us that life is wildly delicate and fragile. And we can not face another day or moment without feeling like we have tried our best to aid in her quality of life. So please join with us and make a difference today.

All your generous contributions are deeply appreciated- anything you can give will help!
If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family please call Kim Comin (Care's sister) at (858) 578-6481 or call  Cindy at (619) 987-3450 or email me at

Please note: Many people have asked if they may send a donation by mail. Certainly!

Please send checks to the attention of:
Kim Comin

11217 Avenida Del Gato
San Diego, CA 92126

Thanks for caring enough to have read this far. Remember, every little bit helps, even if all you can give are prayers.

Thank you in advance,

Cindy and Brit

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