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This money is going towards putting our beloved Bootie to rest/cremation. He doesn't deserve to suffer any longer. Let him go with dignity.

I'm looking towards my friends for a little help with a donation for my dog Booty. I really wouldn't be asking ANYBODY for any kind of help if I didn't really need it. But Booty is 15 yrs old now and has had some health issues for quite some time. There's really nothing that can be done for him at this time considering his age and all. We've been waiting a long time before we came to the decision to putting him down. He's got dimentia and is losing his back legs. He's starting to lose control of his bowels and urine. He's blind, deaf. Losing weight so fast. Just so many things that come with being old. He's just got no quality of life left in him. Hopefully some of you can understand what we're going through and will not judge my family for deciding to do this. We are in such a financial rut right now, that we can't even scrape up $350 to put him to rest. We really wouldn't do it but know we have to b/c we'd like him to die with dignity, if you know what I mean. So I'm just trying to reach out to my friends to see if they are willing to donate whatever they can. I really feel embarassed to ask but I have to set aside my pride for the love of our dog. We don't want to watch him suffer any longer. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help and for those who can't I understand.
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