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Let's work together to help Wendy overcome breast cancer. Please join us to show your support!

Wendy Zeigler moved to Petaluma from San Francisco in 2000. She is a formally trained teacher, artist, and musician who attended The High School of Music and Art in Manhattan, New York, Bard College and Long Island University. As an avid artist and musician, she lives her life in the simplest fashion. Her only financial needs are basic living expenses: food, shelter, and utilities. Wendy spends her time creating, teaching children, and donating her time and talents to the charities she is passionate about. These charities include Petaluma COTS, Petaluma Pet Pals, The Farmers Market, Petaluma People’s Services, the Petaluma Mother’s Club, and MOMS for Clean Air. She also volunteers at various nursing homes. Half of the proceeds from all of her face painting events go to Petaluma Pet Pals.

Wendy lives a simple, environmentally conscious life. Since arriving in Petaluma in 2000, her only mode of transportation is her bicycle that she painted herself. Wendy is loved by all who meet her and are taken by her simple and caring life. In her work with children, Wendy inspires them to embrace art, music, nature, animals, and spirituality. She encourages children to approach the world with curiosity and wonder.

In September of this year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. As devastating as this news was, her biggest concern continues to be that she can sustain her work with children and her charities. She says, "We are all here for a reason! I’m here to spread beauty and joy, to make children and grownups smile, to help people find a little sparkly wonder like children do, to care for our Earth and the animals. It is a special time to be on this earth. I have much work to do! I am not finished!"

The September diagnosis of breast cancer brought immediate questions about basic living expenses. Wendy is self-employed, and interruption of her livelihood will occur when treatment begins. There is no one like Wendy. We, as people who value and love our dear friend, invite you to participate in making this transition less tumultuous for her. With the financial assistance of her community, Wendy will be able to stay dedicated to her services to others and to her health without having to worry about daily expenses that will be impossible to maintain under the looming circumstances. We thank you for your time and your support.

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